1 Million ways to spend $20


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There’s 1 million ways to spend $20…at target. Yes it’s true. I can prove it. But for now, here’s how I decided to spend mine.

I needed some girlie things as well as practical things. I really wanted Milani lip gloss & a waffle maker. Unfortunately, the store I went to no longer carried waffle makers. They told me I had to order it online & have it shipped there, even though I saw tons of other appliances: coffee makers, toasters, mini ovens, blenders, etc. They even kept up the sign by the aisle labeled ‘Waffle Makers’ 😢 And to top it off, I saw every other cosmetic line but Miliani! (why?)

Note: this is not a complaint, I am thoroughly happy with my experience & purchases. 😊 I just went in with one purpose & came out with another.

So, after the rehearsal of putting 6 things in my cart & removing half of them at the register, here is what I purchased:



I needed a lampshade for my lamp (also from target):


A tray for holding my mini electronics gear:



And decided to splurge on a very delectable smelling candle to bring a sweet earthy musk into my room:

How would you spend $20…at Target?


5 Pretty Bathsuits for the Summer


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Here the prettiest one piece bathing suits for the summer. Looks like pastels are in with a bit of classy coverage, with sensual fabrics, cuts,  & design. My fav is the black and pink one, which appears to be out of stock for now. Which one is your favorite?

Why Hugging Might Save You…


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A feminine woman should be a professional hugger. Hugging is an art that gives to the huggee as well as the hugger.


Did you know that hugging:

~releases endorphins in your brain & body

~speeds up any physical recovery needed

~helps grow, keep, & mature you socially & emotionally

So why isn’t everybody doing it more?

Since the benefits are wonderful & free, we should use every opportunity, reason, & excuse to hug. Having a hug several times a day will make anyone happier, calmer, & sweeter.

Hugging can cheer, comfort, & connect you to someone. It’s a great form of physical communication. Whether or not we are lovers or friends, family or acquaintances, hugging is necessary for a luscious life.

There are 5 types of basic hugs:

  1. Front hug *best one!
  2. Side hug
  3. Angle hug
  4. Spoon hug
  5. Back hug

Any hug is good for you, but the front one seems to be the most popular & desired.  Which one is your favorite?

* photo from Pinterest


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One of the most noticeable pieces of jewelry are the rings on a finger. And each finger symbolizes different concepts in life. But the question for girly girls is what type of ring should you wear?  Truly, one that represents your rich taste, your sweet spirit, & your playful personality.

Consider, some of the most prettiest rings are colored stones. Diamonds 💎 aren’t the only things that make a woman sparkle. These vintage-like gems are sure to captivate any onlooker with striking elegance.

While I really desire all of these, my fav of favs are  the fushia oval ring on the top right & lime green rectangle on the bottom left.

Which one is your favorite?


All images are from my pinterest board.

The Best Pink Girly Bags Ever


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I’m always in search of something pretty,  girly, & feminine. This time I wanted a bag. A lovely pink bag.  It doesn’t really how many bags I own, I still want another one. Is that bad?

I started & ended my search on Pinterest. Should I be looking elsewhere? What other sites may have a large collection of girly bags I could sort from? I have no idea, but I found the top 5 girliest handbags there.

Here are the results:

1. Chandelier Tote

2. Soft Melon Bag

3. Louis Vuitton Purse

4. Sheer Pearl Clutch

5. French Rose Bag

Do you agree they’re the best, or do you have a more girlier bag?

What’s in My Bag..and what should be in yours too


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As a feminine woman, I do my best to bring girly things around me in every area of my life. Things that remind me I’m a woman, a feminine one. So I thought about what I believed a girl would have in her everyday bag to be prepared…for anything. Then I checked out other chic’s bag and refined my own.

So here are the results; what I feel every feminine woman should carry around her each day:


Inside my bag:

Hair Tie, black thick

Hair Tie, black thin

2 Bobby Pins

Teeth Cleaner

Pack of Bandages

5 Cotton Swabs

Heart Mirror

Hand Sanitizer

Perfume sample

Lip Balm

Drawstring Bag, pink small

Silver Stud Earrings

Handmade Hand Lotion

2 Candy Canes


Vitamin B pellet


What’s in your bag? Did I miss anything in mine?

5 Most Feminine Outfits of the Season


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I look at feminine clothing, almost daily. And I see a lot of clothes. Form-fitting, loose, heavy, soft, light, & dark,  I search them all to create the most ultra girly looks.

For this new season in 2017, I selected five of the most feminine clothes I’ve seen thus far. It was challenging pairing it down to five, but these selections have many feminine elements in their styles.

Here they are…& why I picked them. (all photos taken from Pinterest in this post):



~ lace, lace, lace

~ form-fitting

~ reminiscent of Victorian era



~ satin

~ full coverage elegance

~ shows curves in pants & playfulness in front slit blouse



~ uncommon rich texture

~ peachy color

~ girly cute



~ bohemian

~ lace meets solid

~ curves & bright



~ extremely girly

~ ruffles


What do you think of my choices? Can you see yourself wearing any of these or modified version of them?

Top 3 Feminine Scriptures in the Bible!


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Yes that’s right! I found femininity right in the Bible. These scriptures are found from the wisdom book of Proverbs…

Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul and health to the bones. Proverbs 16:24


This means we should have pleasant things to say because our words carry such powerful energy that it can effect not only the atmosphere, but our bodies as well. Sweet, loving, good words create health & pleasure to our souls and bodies while evil, bad, or negative ones are a detriment. This revelation from the Lord was given to us well before we discovered this fact to be true. And now new philosophies & religions have been created around this understanding, but our Creator explained this concept to His people first. We are now realizing the depth of this truth, with scientific studies currently supporting this.

Every wise woman builds her house, but a foolish one plucks it down with her hands. Proverbs 14:1


This one asserts that as feminine women, we need to learn to have discretion & understanding on how to not only create a ‘home’, but to maintain it. It is clear here, that the woman has the power to create a loving, healthy environment or a hateful, divided one. Proverbs has a lot of wonderful advice on how to make a wonderful home that your family feel safe, nurtured, & inspired in.

Ointment and perfume rejoice the heart. Proverbs 27:9


In one of my calls I expound on how important fragrance is and how it relates Biblically to the spiritual realm, so if you want more in depth info, go to my classes tab and access ref#14 on the conference call. Here’s a snippet of what I shared: perfume is an outer symbol of our character & nature. Every one is pleased to smell something delightful. We are full of joy to smell good things, so it is important to daily wear ‘inner’ perfume of the Spirit, which has nine distinct flavors or fruits. We should work on our character so that others are blessed by our presence and not put off by it. Each time you put on perfume, you should be reminded it is the invisible perfume we also carry us equally important to the makeup of our character and to bless others with.

Those are my top feminine scriptures from the Word of God. Do you identify with these or do other scriptures connect more with your feminine persona? Please share them with me!

The Fragrant One


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Hi Lovelies!

Today I wanted to share pages from my feminine Journal, where I reflect on scents & smells…

So I found these Infographics on Pinterest (except 1st one) on perfume that I found fascinating:


The cost of smelling good rises as the concentration of oils, herbs, & flowers increase!


There’s a breakdown of the measure of pure scent in each type of perfume…seems very little.


Here’s a guide to the kinds of lovely smells you may be attracted to based on the scent group.

Enjoy the discovery of smells and being smelt 💖🌸🍥🌸💖

How (Not) to Lose Friends


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A feminine woman is not confusing, deceitful, nor conniving, but is clear and transparent about her feelings, desires, and intentions.

She makes them known whether subtly or overtly, but either way, one can see her behavior, thoughts, and speech all harmonize with her true motives.

Of course we aren’t all born this way. Most of us must learn it… And as I look back to my early school days I realize I acted so unfeminine, that it shames me to this day.

I spent the whole day with my best friend Mandy at Disneyland as my mom kindly escorted us. We had a ball together! Here’s a picture of us below, Mandy is on the left:


When we returned to my home & waited for her mom to pick her up, I didn’t want her to go home. I was having so much fun with her I wanted her to stay with me. Yet being a child, I didn’t know how to articulate this maturely, so I came up with a ‘bright idea’ to keep her with me. I told her that her mom was ugly. Now I don’t even remember how her mom looked, but I’m sure she was really lovely looking. I may have said this to Mandy, but I certainly didn’t mean it. I just thought she would think, well if she is, then I’ll stay with my friend. Sometimes, kids can make no sense! My words, however, had a negative affect on her, as you might guess. She started crying so intensely that when her mom came to pick her up, she was still crying. I was sad that she had to go, and her mom probably thought her daughter had a horrible time with me. I don’t recall anymore outings with her after that.

I wish I understood at that time how to plainly say, ‘hey Mandy, I had so much fun with you today, that I’d be sad for you to leave now. Wanna sleep over?’

That would have prevented me from fabricating stuff, making her cry, and gave me what I really wanted: more time with her. So Mandy, wherever you are now, I am so truly sorry for hurting your feelings with a lie because of my inability to express my feelings at that time.

Reflecting on this, causes me to wonder how many women are still fabricating stuff to try and get what they desire from a man? This is not the feminine nor honest way.

If we haven’t learned already, we should train ourselves to express our true feelings and wants to others without blame, judgement, or guilt. We should intuitively wait for the right time, with the right attitude in the right tone of voice and choice of words to share our thoughts and desires with others.

This is a painful lesson I’ve learned with Mandy. For I lost the confidence & friendship with my then best friend in one minute with one wrong and false word, for a lifetime.

Have you had any similar experiences that you’ve now learned from, regarding the expression of your feelings? I would love to hear about it and learn from it as well.