The Most Beautiful Feminine Quotes


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“Beauty isn’t about looking perfect, it’s about celebrating your individuality.”

~ Bobbi Brown

“I can’t think of any better representation of beauty than someone who is unafraid to be herself.” 

~ Emma Stone


 “Let me tell you a secret, ladies, men usually lose love when you lose your sensuality.”

~ Lebo Grand


These are just several of the 300 plus quotes about the Feminine Woman, shared in my latest book:

It includes quotes from 16 different themes surrounding women as commented by men and women alike. Identify, Elevate, & Celebrate your femininity with these sayings from the most popular, beautiful or sensual Women from all across the globe♡

Do you have a favorite feminine quote?


Are You a “Princess”?


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And why I call myself the Feminine Princess. All those who associate and connect with this quest are also Feminine Princesses 🙂


There’s four types of Princesses:

  1. the ‘Disney Princess’
  2. a Nickname someone gives you
  3. the self proclaimed Princesses (illustration: Youtube)
  4. and then there’s the Real Princess

How does one qualify for each?



The ‘Disney Princess’ (about 14 total)

  • be Female
  • be Human (or humanish)
  • star in a Disney animated film
  • be an actual Princess (see real Princess below)
  • *note: almost all of them never perform a heroistic act

A Nickname

  • a Female likened to a princess, but is not an actual princess
  • can be used as a Compliment or an Insult
  • a Girl or Woman having the characteristics of one
  • or One called such for being a high ranking person in her sphere

The Self-proclaimed Princesses

  • Women and Girls whom label themselves as a Princess
  • a Gal usually living a lusher life than the average person
  • She commonly dresses like her ideal of princess’ garb, which could be based on Disney’s wardrobes or other garments generally accepted for a princess

Real Princess (either of these conditions)

  • a Woman, being the daughter of a King or granddaughter of a Sovereign, birthed into royalty
  • or a Woman whom marries a Prince
  • or a Female member of a royal family that does not reign
  • or a Woman whom has sovereign power and does a noble and great deed

Real Princess have extensive training and grooming to adjust them to their high level functionality and role in life. They are highly educated, know several languages, involved in multiple rare hobbies, learn proper etiquette, have great manners, understand various forms of address, always look impeccable, are good role models, support a cause or charity, know how to converse well in any situation, and are interested in arts & culture. Whew!


Do you consider yourself a princess? if so, which one?

This is why I call myself a Feminine princess:

  1. as a Believer:
    • I belong to a Spiritual Royal Family (The Father has made his son King of Kings seen in Deuteronomy 10:17 & I Timothy 6:14-15 ) and heir to Abraham, one of the first richest men on this planet (see Genesis 13:2 & Romans 4:13)
  2. in Femininity:
    • I perfect and polish my art & science that I might become high ranking in this sphere
  3. as His Anointed Maid-Servant:
    • this is my assignment from God, and He Himself bestowed this title upon me, before I was yet one ( I Samuel 9:16, 10:1, 16:1,3, 12-13 & I Kings 19:16)

Are you a Feminine Princess too? Join us!


Podcast on how “a Princess thinks”

Video on things a real Princess should do coming soon, follow so you wont miss it!

Photo Credit: Ali Pazani, Boluwatife, Tú Nguyễn, Bestbe Models


Why Mary was Chosen by God..


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Women are special. I mean really special.

We are the only gender and species on the planet that was made from ANOTHER LIVING BEING. Everything else was made and formed from elements that weren’t alive. Animals, Plants, Flowers, even Men were formed / created from all types natural substances. But women? We were formed from Man.

What does that have to do with Mary? I find it interesting that the LORD approached her, via an angel, with a proposition that was scientifically is the opposite direction of the initial creation flow.

The Angel says that the Lord’s Spirit will come upon her, a woman, to produce a Child, whom ‘shall be called the Son of God’ ~Luke 1:35. Consider that for a moment. Now God is using a Woman to make a Man, without any other man’s assistance. Man is now being created by a living thing.


Why did God chose a woman instead of just creating Jesus from the earth like He did Adam? I believe it’s because of our unique characteristics. We have more genes than men (1000 on each of our two X chromosomes, while men have 45 on their one Y chromosome). Yet I don’t think we were chosen for our genes alone, but also for our spirit. Since we have two X chromosomes, indicating our femaleness, womanhood, & femininity, I think we were chosen because we were the counterpart to God’s own Spirit.

Think about it. If His spirit wasn’t pure masculinity, then He would need to mix with maleness on the earth to be reproduced here. Being that He choose a feminine spirit, He is / was enough masculine to produce a baby.

This makes me feel….wonderful. Knowing that Mary, her spirit, her femininity, her chromosomes, rest in me. And it’s potent enough to get me noticed….by God. Women, feel that truth the next time you feel unworthy. God notices and loves you so much, He chose to have a Child with your gender ♡

The Scientific way Woman are Special 

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Redefining Your Period or What to do When You’re Bleeding


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I had a close friend of mine reference my special time of the month as ‘icky’. Fortunately for me, I don’t see nor experience it that way. I may be one in 3 billion women in this earth, ok 3.838 billion to be exact, at the moment I wrote this, covering 49.6% of the humans on the planet, but as a feminine woman, I don’t actually feel any negative emotions about my menstrual cycle at all. Some women get all worked up about the consequences of Eve’s actions, but no woman can say for certainty that she would not have done the same thing.


But that’s another post..

Anyway, back to the monthly cycle, period, or the ‘time of visitation‘ as we call it in my family. We’ve always warned each other that ‘our visitor is here‘ when referring to our periods.


I may be one of the few that feel this way but I would also challenge you to reconsider your menstrual. Having your cycle is actually very symbolic. God always works good out of evil, doesn’t He? So it should no longer be looked at as a curse of Eve, but a blessing for women.

Your cycle is a period of rest, renewal, and release. Let me explain more…


REST. what female doesn’t like another excuse to rest? Due to one fact: often, we do a lot. I mean a lot. I won’t exhaust you with a long list of just surface things we take care of. but if you’re a female, you know. And we usually put others before ourselves, which means we may not have scheduled time for ourselves. Our period gives us an immediate pass to relax and focus on ourselves, that we may be at our best for others and ourselves.

RENEWAL. a predetermined cycle that restarts every 30 or so days, neatly fitting into each month, gives us an opportunity to renewal ourselves. Just as the moon has a 30 day phase of fully appearing and disappearing symbolizing rebirth, the woman is comparable. You have your preference on how you want to spend your time being restored and revived, but as a feminine woman, I choose to transform to unchartered areas of my life towards feminine excellence.

RELEASE. as the blood flows from our inner most private and sacred part of our nature, it’s a signal to allow any part of ourselves that we no longer desire to keep, currently have no need of, or want to disassociate from, to go. We willing let it part from our souls, spirits, and bodies. We feel lighter. Only retaining what we desire, need, and want in our lives. This helps us grow and evolve, while experiencing a fuller life of our true selves.

Will you welcome your special time each month, as a designated divine time for your flourishing?


Here is a video of “8 Things to do When You’re on IT” and need relief & comfort. let me know your thoughts and what you do when you’re on your period.

Pics from Pixabay!

Rather read the list? See below!

What do you do when you’re on your period?


8 Things to do when You’re on IT

1. Rub a blend of essential oils that targets female hormonal balance for women onto my belly.

2. Drink Raspberry Tea. It’s known for being good to induce or regulate your period.

3.  Watching an emotionally charged movie. This is excellent for releasing emotions that are usually generated during this time that may be felt deeply and intensely.  Recently, I watched a 1979 Aramaic film of Jesus and was crying when they took him!

4. Rest. Laying down in the bed under the comfort of warm and security is a great  rejuvenator during  this time.

5. Read or listen to a love story. What a great way to liberate your passions!

6. Journal.  It’s so much easier when your body slows you down for you to think about things you want to express on paper then when you’re in a flurry of things appear “normal”.

7. Search for pins for your Pinterest board.  It was amazing that I have never understood the hype around smoothie bowls! I know it’s been around for 10 years with the birthing out the Acai bowl, but I just preferred sipping my smoothies rather than eating them. But the last time I was on my period, I got a craving for a cool dessert with a snack twist to it. I looked on Pinterest and found smoothie bowls and fell in love. Nine years later I finally embraced the trend. But this is what my first one looked like on that day of my period:

8. Take a walk in nature. Just walking my dog or digging my feet in the wet sand, puts my spirit and soul in the perspective of a world outside of what’s happening within mine. Breathing fresh air re-grounds me to my connection on this earth, as opposed to being enclosed with the thousand rapid dynamic changes are occurring within my body and soul.

*disclaimer: I’m not prescribing treatment as a doctor would. I’m only sharing what I do on my period.


Looking for Mr Right?


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About 15.03 million American women were single in 2018. And only a third of them desired to get married, according to And….I used to be one of them. Single & desiring marriages, I mean. Until I met my husband.

photo of woman laying on ground

Photo by Renato Abati on

Years ago, I was wondering why I wasn’t connecting with the man of my dreams. I started to do all kinds of work on my life: you know what they say ‘Change your reaction, Change your attraction’. Or maybe that was me, but anyway, I knew the more I improved myself, the better chances I have to meeting my man!

I started studying the four most prominent and unforgettable women that married the most influential, wealthy, and admirable men of their time. I wrote all my findings in a book here. Those women were – Abigail, Rebekkah, Esther, & Ruth.

women s blue and brown sari

Photo by Liana De Laurent on

I emulated the patterns I saw in their lives as well as their interactions with both men and women. And I found their  timeless advice to prove sounder than any of today’s relationship coaches.

Things considered counterintuitive, self-sacrificing, & too old fashioned is exactly what I did. Want a seek peek? Listen to my podcast on the topic here.

silhouette of people

Photo by luizclas on

That’s when I met my husband, whom is the man of my dreams, and got married. My story has been shared at our wedding.

Are you looking for Him now? Please let me know in the comments below and what city you’re in and how long you’ve been dating.

woman in white sleeveless top

Photo by Darrell Fraser on

Be encouraged, dear seeker, if you follow the untraditional counsel I discovered, you just might find the One.

Now Live on Apple podcasts!!! 


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I’ve been on radio before. I  was a producer of my own music show of contemporary christian music.

I’ve led weekly conference calls on femininity for a year.

But I’ve done nothing like this before. I am now the host of my own show on Apple podcasts.

Gulp-what did I sign up for again? Me sharing my thoughts on godly femininity, based on factual (science) & conceptual (arts) stuff? I hope they don’t throw tomatoes…

~oh wait, they can’t see me 🙂


pod pic

Is the only feminine show on iTunes / Apple Podcasts, that discusses femininity while revealing its divine, scientific, & artistry in its nature. Tune in weekly for a new episode! Tell others about it, ONLY if you like the show lol…and please let me know your thoughts about it.

How to Have FUN Exploring Femininity!


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Are you a creative writer?
Maybe you like to do journal writing?
Do you want to polish your femininity?
Whether you are writing about one or are one, here’s a book to assist you in exploring the feminine character ♡
Inside are prompts to ignite your creativity, practice your girly-ness, & flow in unexpected moments of life.
Bonus: For instance, you are in a house facing a grand staircase. A man approaches you and instructs: “You may climb the stairs, but once at the top it leads to 5 different halls. One is feminist, the other slightly feminist, another feminine, the other slightly feminine, and the last half feminist / half feminine.” You climb the stairs. Which hall do you pick and why? Where does your hall lead to or what is at the end of your hall?
More girly and feminine-centered prompts inside of 88 Writer Prompts for the Feminine Character along with helpful images for your imagination!
It’s on pre-sale, so reserve your copy today because it won’t be for long. You can get half off here! 
I’d love to hear feedback from you! Please comment below your answer to this prompt 💋 and let me know if you want to hear mine as well 🙂

Connecting with Passion


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Please tell me I’m not alone. If I am I need help. If I’m not, I need to find a community…

I have this thing, this thing where I see others on the height in their passions:


1. Dancing on stage after rehearsals of perfecting

2. Speaking another language after months of practice

3. Coaching the youth for inspiration after years of polishing


And because it looks so flawless and effortless…and the people are so passionate and motivated…and I’m drawn to difference and distinction, I too desire to do what they’re doing! I want to become it too!


Its springs up in me to seek it, learn it, and be it, but when it doesn’t come out as pretty or perfect or polished as theirs, I start wondering….


I think~

I think~

I think I was attracted to their passion and I thought it was their art. God help me!

Am I alone?

The Sacred Sensorials


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Suddenly, with some sort of unspoken, unplanned, and uncanny cadence, it is happening… I see people I never thought existed from my place of origin arising. Empathic, Highly Sensitive, Reserved but Secluded Warriors emerging now to say: I exist, I am unashamed of who I am, and this is what I need to survive. Their mantra is I will help you discover me…

lucas lima

I am not this way to be ‘discovered’, but that appears to be the movement of our culture. It almost seems in fashion today to say your special  because you’re empathic or ultra sensitive. But we are not everyone nor everywhere. Our percentage is small and those within us as Believers are even smaller, the Sacred Sensorials.

Here’s some good news about this tiny group: it can grow. And growth means more like us. More like us means we can be understood, communicate within our language, and feel at home, which is rare in the world.


The Sacred Sensorial. What is it? Who are we? How can we grow?

This is the term I use to describe a special phenomenon of creatures being made or revealed that I’m grateful to witness at this time. They are spiritual people, that truly seek, pray, and desire, the Beauty of God’s holiness. While in the process of becoming godly or god-like, they metamorphosis into empathic and highly sensitive natures.

God is empathic and extremely sensitive, or how else does He demonstrate countless movements of compassion toward us? And since we become who we are most around, if we spend a lot of time with God, won’t we become like him too?

renato albati

Whether the attribute comes before the action or the action before the attribute, I do not know, but in my case, I had the attribute before the action. I grew up in my teens a highly sensitive child, then became empathic in my twenties, way before I sought a closer marital relationship with Christ.

Then He showed me. Later. Much later. After being committed to Him for a long time, He exposed to me how the attributes of those labelled personalities can be repurposed for Him. Rather, they were initially purposed for Him, but others have misinterpreted its purpose and just try to live in peace with it. But it is actually a calling from God to minister His Divine assignments and messages to others. How many empaths know this? How many are not using their gift to the full capacity it was created for, but instead just shield themselves in ways to cope?

saeed khosravi

Coping is necessary! We need to be our best, and we are this, when we are balanced and harmonized from within to without, but we weren’t given this gift to cope and recharge, and rejuvenate only. We are supposed to lead others in unknown things in the spiritual realm because God entrusted those things to us. The Group with the group.

Anyone desiring to become a Sacred Sensorial can become one. the action before the attributes will be accepted of God too. He will grant any prayer that’s according to HIs will and desires to serve Him. He will bestow it upon you as a result of extreme intimacy with God.

renato abati

Are you interested in learning more? How our methods of living, dealing, and flourishing differ from the usual advice for empaths or highly sensitives? Comment below! If so, I will share more about this, how to cultivate it, how to live in it, how to have fun, and practice serene ways to develop who you are, etc. in either a later post, or a video, but definitely in my next book! If you need guidance on closer spirituality with God to position yourself to advance in Sensorial Sacredness, read my latest book on distinctions here.

Tell me, do you consider yourself a growing Sacred Sensorial?




9 Careers with a Dance Background


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Every Feminine Woman should be dancing, love. It is our purest form of free movement and expression. What I mean by pure is that it will service all of you: your mind for coordination, your body for movement, your soul for style, and your spirit for energy, strength and endurance.

As we move, twirl, leap, and spin in space, more and more, we become perfected in our movements: more intentional, more beautiful, more free. It is a great activity to create a pattern of releasing your emotions, speaking your unique language, and birthing an enchanting atmosphere.

In your perfection, you might consider employing your style into a monetary gig or volunteer it to help others. As my choice of dance is Ancient Eastern Dance (bellydance), I wrote 9 things you can do with the dance style of your choice.



1. Share your art with others through teaching. Your students of choice, from grade school to private adults, are your discretion and aptitude.


2. Perform for your local venues and community. Many spacious places, I surmise, would be happy to host you and your group.


3. Educate others about dance. Because I teach private class, I am well-informed with the history (as well as the myths), complexity, and diversity of my art, ready to share if asked.


4. Judge at a talent show. If you become known in your talent, you may be requested to judge others in their dances.


5. Choreograph various routines for groups of dancers. There is a marketplace for choreographers, whether you are just assisting your home church or picked to design dances for a famous artist, your services will be appreciated.


6. Act in a movie as a dancer. Several scripts call for a dancer, whether supporting roles, main role, or background extra, so go to those casting calls!


7. Get featured as a Dance writer. If you understand the intricacies of dance movement, anatomy, and physics, you can write for dance magazines, start a column, author a book, or consult others in their writing of dance. 


8. Record others as a Dance Photographer or videographer. Knowing the way a type of dance flows and its patterns beforehand, you can catch on film some pretty cool angles or challenge them in print!


9. Create as a Dance costume designer. Into fashion? Know how to sew, measure, and make clothing patterns? Like to dance? Research the period or look you are going for and make something unique for dancers to wear.


10. ***BONUS*** Become a Dance Therapist. Complete courses to become licensed in dance therapy, but be forewarned, if you are looking for a career in performing, this is quite different. You will use focus on movements of the body with music, to help others heal mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Are you dancing and planning to make a career out of it?

If so, please share that with me, so I know I’m not alone in my passion for dance and my desire to educate others ♡.