Why a Feminine Girl Should Take Time for Tea


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Time for tea…


Sitting down to traditional tea on my recent trip to a tea room, I reflected on 8 benefits to having that experience.

1. It Invites one to decide to be present, not past nor future, but to enjoy the now.


2. It Allows you to enjoy an hour in a life of leisure (free time & convenience) and luxury (decor & accessories).


3. It Causes you to harmonize and readjust to the feminine flow of life.


4. It Gives you an opportunity to connect with those whose company you enjoy.


5. It Makes you listen to the heartbeat of sensitivity with each sip you take.


6. It Relaxes every parts of your being.


7. It Changes your mental and physical health to clarity, calmness, and soundness.


8. It Provides natural medicine to your body depending on which flavors you drink.


Do you have a tea room in your city? If so, when will you make time to go? If you’ve already been, what was your experience like?



New 2018 Planner Method


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There are many methods in planning schedules as there are planner types…

But this year, of course, I wanted something different…

My Past planners:


This year’s Planner:



Perfect, small, girly yet classy like!


I thought about my values and things important in my realm and got those planning sets:


I won’t use any particular planning method but will create areas of interesting memos, insights, & spiritual revelations with their preprinted designs.

Next, because I operate on 3 calendar cycles anyway (Gregorian, Jewish, & Biblical), I decided my ‘New Year’ started when my season of transition began. So I began my calendar year in December 2017/5778.

What type of planner do you have and what planning method will you use?


Natural Lip Gloss


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Im not a lipstick fan. I don’t like the matte look either. I like my skin, my hair, my lips to either shine or gloss or dew. The wet look is so me. Pile on more moisture please..

As I searched for natural glosses with complimentary colors to my skin, I found so few and many of those were expensive. So I decided to make my own.


Many vegan make up lines are great, yet still carry some of these harmful ingredients. I find it amazing that they don’t want to hurt animals, and I agree with that, but decide to leave ingredients that can harm some people instead.

I decided not to choose those, but other companies that sell natural harmless (meaning little or least negative skin and body reaction to any natural occurring substance) ingredients.

Next, I started with lipstick colors I liked: pink pastels, ruby hott red, and warm toned Cooper.


These all have mostly natural ingredients. What isn’t in these lipsticks, nor any of my makeup are:



After I picked the colors, I put them to a metal tin, added 2 products listed below  and placed it inside a pan warming on the stove.

Castor Oil

After melting them and mixing to true consistency, I poured the liquid in a small lip container and waited for it to solidify.

Here are the results:




Will you also create your own lipgloss or buy one of the costly natural lines on the market?

The Secret Art of Great Tasting Food: case study Waffles


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I have finally found the secret to great tasting waffles!  Then I reflected on how all foods can follow this same pattern of delicious-ness..


I have a Hamilton mini Waffle maker. I got it after hoping, craving, and praying for one. Now, I often makes waffles with this little oven, and tried to discover why it didn’t taste like the waffles I ordered in a restaurant, especially ‘Roscoe’s Chicken n Waffles’.


Trying new batters and mixes, toppings and drizzles, after several months, just today my tongue has delighted in tasting a long sought for secret:

I used buttermilk pancake batter mix with organic eggs, and almond unsweetened milk.


I let the waffle cook until medium brown and quickly pop it out the oven. The BIGGEST SECRET is to butter (I use vegan organic whipped butter) each and every square generously and let set until melted. Then I drizzle it with cinnamon and 100% maple syrup.



Then I looked at my previous research on the art of plating, which I paid homage to in a set of paintings here, I discovered all great food has these elements:

1. Colorful plate = inviting

2. Drizzle = have toppings of sauces, herbs, spices, or other flavorings

3. Embellish = generously use nuts, garnishes, fruits, or side vegetables

4. Design = the food must be placed artfully on the plate

5. Finish = think you’re done? keep piling more on..

These elements helped all my meals taste like chef masterpieces. What have you learned is the secret in cooking and tasting your dishes?

New 2018 Devotional for Girly Women


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33 Day Devotional for Feminine Women 

100 pages for the 2018 Woman enhancing her femininity 🌸🌸🌸

If you are:

❤️ looking for a biblical perspective of femininity
❤️ needing deeper meaning in womanhood
❤️ wanting a believer’s perspective for women
❤️ desiring scripture with practical action & advice

❤️ longing for a modern understanding for women

Get a copy of 33 Day Devotional for Feminine Women today! Available in Kindle & Paperback..

💝Take a photo of your copy and post on twitter or IG tagging @thefeminineprincess and get another book by the author sent free!

💝Only pay a flat shipping rate $5.95 in the US, and international rates will apply.

💝Allow 6 weeks for processing.


You Know You’re a Girly Girl When…


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Or 25 ways you are girly!

You Know You’re a Girly Girl When:

1. You want everything in pink









2. You always want to be called princess


3. You like to wear soft clothing


4. You love to collect cute things

5. You enjoy looking nice, while everyone always wonders where you’re going


6. You rather go shopping than eat


7. You could totally open up a beauty & make up store with your personal stash


8. You verbally abbreviate certain words ( gorgeous, totally, adorable… )


9. You can’t leave the house without your make up and nails polished


10. You cry during romantic movies


11. All your accessories have to be cute!


12. You love to decorate and plan parties


13. You can operate easily in heels as well as sneakers


14. You’re constantly being misunderstood as not being intelligent, smart, or having food sense due you your carefree, light, & aesthetic nature


15. You care about how you and your environment looks


16. You have multiple uses for many of your personal & household products


17. You get excited over things others don’t see necessary


18. You can rise at toastmasters by talking about one subject throughly.


19. Jewerly is a necessity

20. You have more clothes than any other object in your home


21. You never ‘pack light’


22. You enjoy fashion magazines


23. You take a picture of EVERYTHING


24. You take a looooong time to get ready


25. Although you have thousands of clothes, you feel you have nothing right for the occasion


Thousands of things to do with Roses


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Yes thousands, but I’ll only list 10 different ideas, that you can modify into even more ideas.


The beauty of a rose is not only for our observation. We can create even more beauty with roses. Especially since roses are used in 3 main forms, which are the flower, it’s powder, an essential oil.

1. Cooking:

Did you know Roses are edible? They belong to the subcategory of Rosaeceae called Rosoideae and share membership with strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries. You can garnish desserts with the rose or cook it with a savory dish.

2. Perfumery:

Rose scented parfum is a classic for feminine girls and making your own unique mixture is delightful. I’ve read quite a few ways to do it, including waiting several days before mixing essential oils with carrier oils and extenders, and dropping base, middle and top notes in mixture in increments of 10,5,5. Experiment, research the best way for you & have fun!

3. Petals:

Use the petals for a warm bath time soak it to sleep on at night. It will soothe the body, as well as your spirit.

4. Interior Design:

Using a variety of colors or species of hybrids that roses are seen in, you can add lovely moods to any room. See bottom for color meanings.

5. Journaling:

I enjoy finding fallen flowers, especially roses to take home. I wait for them to dry and put them in journals and boxes for pressing. This gives a lovely 3d design effect to any page of doodles.

6. Adornment:

Hair and clothing has been adorned by flowers for ages. Various colored roses
can be attached to a clip to put on the hair as well as on any article of clothing.

7. Artwork:

Working with mixed media on canvas, roses can be included in any project, whether you leave it in it’s natural state or spray it to change its color or add a gloss.

8. Products:

The scent of a rose in liquid tincture, pummelled powder, or soddened petal form can be added to any type of skin or hair beauty product. If you are going to adds other scents, oils, herbs, or ointments to your blend, make sure it harmonizes with the smell of roses.

9. Salts & Scrubs:

Bath salts & body scrubs will smell more classic feminine with roses. Besides the smell, it also has a lot of benefits for you as it is high in vitamin C, very moisturizing, can heal skin issues, restore suppleness, & relax your mind.

10. Gifts:

A bouquet of roses or a single rose can make a striking gift of great impression to any person no matter what the relationship is. Below is a mini legend of the meaning of different rose colors:

White – purity & marriage
Yellow – friendship & joy
Orange – passion & enthusiasm
Red – love & romance
Pink – admiration & appreciation
Purple – enchantment & beauty
Blue – mysterious & unattainable
Green – renewal & growth
Black – death of idea, concept, feeling, or relations

Which one of these will you try? Please send me pictures of your creations; I’d love to see what you do with them!

8 Most Exotic Songs Every Feminine Girl Should Have


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Here are 8 of the most exotic songs every Feminine Girl should have in her playlist & dance to:

1. Khasa share’ al – habib for Nagwa Fouad


Khasa share al habibi is a beautiful, soft, feminine, but playful melody that makes you want to belly dance!

2. Ana albi elik mayyal (My Heart Favors You) by Hossam Ramzy


Ana Albi Elik Mayyal is a very sensual girly tune that makes you want to twirl in happy tranquility.

3. Law Bass Fe Eyne (If he looks in my eye) by Cyrine


Law Bass Fe Eyne is a lovely slow tempo song about a strong passionate crush she has on this unknown man believing with one look from him, he’ll know all.

4. Fi Hagat (There are Things) by Nancy Aram


Fi Hagat is sweet & sour girly girl reflection on her relationship that is lacking things that would please her. Until things change she suffers in silence.

5.  Mahtaab (Moonlight) by Niyaz


Mahtaab is one of the best sensual sounds from an exotic land of a forlorn lover, whose beauty, youth, & love were taken for granted by her man, reminding us to value each other.

6. Barefoot by Ofra Haza


Barefoot is a soft ballad with a haunting sweet voice…lyrics in English have yet to be found.

7. Khatar by Solace


Khatar is a circular tunnel of eastern instrumental delights accented with feminine rhythmic verbal beckonings.

8. Nay Solo by Hamouda Ali


Nay Solo is one of the most feather-like sounding, sensual bellydance songs that would please the lover of any dancer.

How to dress – or advice for Women


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How to dress, to represent the King your Father, like a princess..

As I walk down the street, sometimes I notice beautiful or pretty women that if they would make one or two small changes to their appearance or attitude or behavior, they would be a showstopper. So this page is dedicated to them, a list of top 7 things that I noticed that would help improve them tremendously for many reasons:

1. Wear a bright color, esp near your face


2. Try vintage or modern feminine or girly hairstyles & not a ponytail 75% of the time


3. Walk softer, slower, & sweeter


4. Save the dark, oversized, faded clothes for your solitude times indoors


5. Please don’t reveal your butt pongs to the world

IMG_0159& this is tame compared to what I normally see…

6. Try to add jewelry to your look, even if your running errands. If you’re not a jewelry wearer, invest in some small, attractive, neutral, womanly, studs.


7. Ditch the pants or leggings and go for a flattering dress