10 Things to do on a Rainy Day


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Have you ever had a rainy day with no plans? Or maybe you wondered what to do on it because you have to cancel whatever plans you had. Either way, here’s 10 things that you can do on a rainy day that will keep a feminine girl occupied!

1. Snuggle in bed and pray


2. Daydream staring out a window


3. Have a steamer and journal


4. Watch a dance video


5. Read an artsy book



6. Practice your penmanship


7. Bake something sweet


8. Listen to traditional jazz


9. Take a bath of oil and herbs


10. Go in your closet and play dress-up


Those are the things I enjoy doing on a rainy day! What are some of the things you do on a rainy day?


Masculine Drive or Soft Porn Actress?


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I came across a comment on a YouTube video about femininity. The commentor said in the Western world there are two types of women, an independent one with masculine qualities whom is building an empire & the soft porn actress ascetic whom is an opportunitist.
Looking at social media, I see how he came up with the these two categories. Although I do agree with him that neither of them are the feminine model. Yet I don’t think every female in the West fits into these two categories.
Unfortunately, these 2 types of stereotypical women capitalize on the image of a woman, purposely or inadvertently, on very extreme opposite ends of the spectrum, selling it to those that are unaware of the true feminine essence & spirit.
American women, come from differing backgrounds, experiences, mindsets & beliefs. From the streets to the penthouse, everyone has a journey, some similar, some different, but we  cannot be  segregated in only those two categories.
I discovered Femininity is
Flowing & Free
I’ve seen tomboyish “always wears grays” girls, plain “I don’t wear make up or fancy clothes” chics, aggressive “getting it done” ladies, “glitz and glam” girls, professional “conforming to corporate” women, “always did up” females, & the “made up face but still wearing sweats” chicas. We are all diverse in appearance & mindset.
I hope our diversity continues to expand as the differences among us keep us interesting, simulating, & attractive to the also varied types of men out there.
What type of woman do you consider yourself & do others perceive you differently or the same way?

PINK shades, tones, hue, & tints


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Looking for a shade, tone, hue, or tint of Pink?
Here’s a visual Pink Dictionary, from light to deep hues…

Whipped Pink

Petal Pink

Pastel Pink

Sandy Pink


Misty Pink

Pale Pink


Light Pink

Cherry Blossom



Dusty Pink



Hot Pink


Deep Pink

Violet Red

Pale Voilet Red


Light Coral


Vibrant Pink

Tangy Pink



Watermelon Pink


Names: Your past, Your present, & Your future or If Your Name is Olive


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76F4EBD4-E1D8-41B0-834F-82E3878B8ED6If you share my name, you’re a branch, a tree, a topping on a pizza, a color, a skin tone, a restaurant, a fruit, an oil, an eye color and Popeye’s girlfriend. But is that really all to your name? If you want to explore your name deeper, keep reading!

Your name is your persona. People all
across the world seem to fit their names. Their last names, their first names, even their middle names; they appear to be exactly what the meaning of it is…

F42EB5B3-2833-4514-98A8-C4DD7F32598BIf you don’t already know, look into your name that you were given and examine it’s perceived personality traits as well as the root meaning of the name you were given. See if it lines up with who you are, and who you want to be. If you no longer want to be who you are, I would suggest seeking the Lord and changing your name. For “you shall be called by a new name, which the mouth of the Lord shall name.”~ Isaiah 62:2. Your Name is Your Destiny…


If you don’t have a girly name, to be more feminine, pick a sweet and sensual name. You don’t even have to legally change you name if you desire not to, but start going by your new name. Feel how it changes you, your nature, and your character. Introduce yourself to new people with that name and tell all the people you already know to call you by your new name. Be present and aware, reflecting on how you feel when someone calls you by this new name. Your spirit, soul, and body will respond favorably and in harmony if it fits you.


I want to know all the Olives out there,  if you go by Olive comment below! If you know an Olive, comment below. If you’re thinking about naming your daughter or son Olive, comment below. Share what people have associated you with and what your perspective is.


If your name is Olive, you might want to read my book all about you. Even if you aren’t an Olive, but you know one, you can purchase this book for them as a gift. It goes into depth about who you are, what that name means spiritually, and how you can participate in fufiling your destiny as an Olive.  It also reveals the secrets of olive oil since ancient times.


I’ve written it after hours of research and revelation from the Lord on the assignment attached to that name. If you’re expecting, you may want to consider if the Holy Ghost is leading you to name your child Olive or Olivia. Comment below to be notified when publication is released!


When I think someone is talking to OR about me….but they’re really saying:
*All of —
*All live,
*I love —
*Ah live

If I Knew I was Meeting my Husband for the First Time!


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F62C3770-3448-4D32-B013-52C3157EB112.jpeg(Written in celebration of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle, as he knew she was the one as soon as he first met her!)

This is the moment that some believing single women have waited for! It’s finally here! You’ve heard it prophecied to you, you’ve prepared yourself for it, and you’ve matured in faith in waiting for it. Yet today, you hear something new. The Holy Spirit has just told you, that you are about to meet your husband at 8:18 tonight. You quickly scan your brain about possible men you’ve seen, outfits you had planned to wear, and events you have recently scheduled. You realize you have nothing planned, don’t know what to wear, and have no clue who it is.

689FA13E-5291-4958-911A-35FAAA7EC425.jpegCould it be the guy you recently exchanged smiles with? Could a male friend call you last minute to go to a party? Did you dry clean your favorite dress last week? With all your rapid speculations, you realize God has his own plans for your life, as He always has, and you’ll discovery shortly what He has in mind.

F5699470-4895-498F-A4BC-5C7F335ED2EAUntil then you, again, must wait. But how will you wait, especially knowing tonight’s the night? What will you do with your time, having hours left? Where will you go right now? You decide to pray and plan. Comment below what you do next!

Thinking about this scenario, I sat down and jotted down everything I would do if I really knew I was meeting the one God has chosen for me:

B0FE9CDF-CAAB-42A7-9B9D-26A2F47D2534.jpeg1. Pray in tongues all day! Don’t laugh, I’m serious!! I need help just to stay calm and not botch anything!!!

2. Anoint myself. I’d whip out that anointing oil so fast and shakenly dab drops on my head, neck and wrists, symbolizing His grace, his will, his works upon me.

3. Bathe, Scrub, Moisturize. I’d bathe in haste, scrub my body with pink salts, & moisturize with a blend of rich oils on my skin. I want to GLOW!

4. Choose my best dress! Now which one is that??!

5. Organize my home! Right now I’m in the middle of renovation that took an unexpected turn (no surprise if you watched any home renovation show on HGTV). I’d have to hide half of the house and just say, “we just don’t go in that room,” Ugh!

6. Quickly brush up on my femininity. Sit nicely, stand curvy, walk pleasantly…etc. So I won’t freeze up & I’ll float on autopilot.

7. Rehearse relevant scriptures. I’d repeatedly quote scriptures dealing with God’s promises, like Psalms 23 and Luke 24:49.

8. Prepare a King’s gift. I know many women desire gifts from men, and I’m no different, but everybody brings a gift to the king! I’d give him something symbolic, like in the movie One Night with the King, Esther gave the king her prized necklace before he proposed to her.

Then hopefully I would be ready to meet him…so…What would you do??

How to Create, Access, Increase, & Multiply your hidden Wealth


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Dear Princesses,

Why do I connect with the title ‘the feminine princess‘, and not the feminine woman, the feminine chic, or even the feminine girl?


The reason calls us to look into the nature of a princess.

A princess is one who is the daughter to a king. One whom is heir to the throne, if unmarried and without brothers. A young woman that also has access to her father’s wealth, as long as she lives in his kingdom.


If you are a believer, then whether by blood and faith, or faith alone, you are adopted by God, our Heavenly Father, and belong to His family. And if adopted, then a daughter and heir in His kingdom.


Remember as Jesus/Yeshua is the firstborn, we have been adopted into a royal family, priesthood, a peculiar nation.

A feminine princess is one who represents her Royal Father when he’s not present, making her an ambassador of his territory and rulership.


As his daughters, we have also access to our Father’s wealth. Look at your life and examines if it lines up with this concept.

*Are you representing Him well at all times?
*Are you believing in the principles of His kingdom?
*Are you following the protocol of a wealthy nation?
*Are you accessing the wealth that you have a covenant right to?


If one isn’t, it’s either because of ignorance, not realizing it’s available or it’s because one is still under the tutelage of the Father and is not yet ready to handle it as a spiritual adult.

As we become more aware of how the Kingdom of God operates, we must prepare to take our rightful place in it.


Once we pass in to the stage of readiness, we will have access to everything in the kingdom, as it’s His good pleasure to give us the kingdom.

If you fall into one of the two reasons above and are not yet accessing great wealth in your life, I would suggest that you read the gems that He has given me to share with his people in order to access this wealth. I’ve created a duo and am working on the third, to complete the trilogy of jewels for mastery of finances, as well as other riches and treasures of wealth only for those in the Kingdom of God.


Why the exclusivity? Because I’m not an expert in any other kingdom. I am unfamiliar of the rules, customs, and protocols of other kingdoms. I don’t know how to succeed anywhere else but in His Kingdom.

Take a look below for the pearls to access the wealth in His Kingdom.


Click HERE for above book!


Click HERE for above book!

Please share with me what treasures you know about wealth. Are you accessing the riches of God?

Love 💋,
The Feminine Princess



How to be More Feminine


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I’ve heard and sensed many women feeling so unfeminine these days. What can do they, they wonder, to be more feminine?


Of course, one can always ‘do many things’ to appear feminine. But the feeling persists as they long for something deeper, lasting, & natural.


True femininity emanates from the core for a woman and that means from her pelvis. Since the part of her that differs from a man lives in her reproductive system, her power lies within her hips.


A precious family member taught me, whenever you lack something you OVERcompensate for it, until it becomes a part of you.


By personal experience, I can vouch 100% that this works to activate your core energy.


Read my free e-book on how to become feminine fast to activate your feminine energy from the core. Concentrate on your womanly power in your hips with everything you do, your walk, your movements, & your still positions. You will then begin to see a natural feminine energy growing in strength inside of you.

Share your journey, as well as your present life, with me by commenting below!




Top Ways Feminine Girls are Healthy


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A feminine woman takes care of her body and her environment. She makes sure everything is operating at an optional level, for she is a woman of excellence. She learns, trains, and shares how to be healthy at home, in the body, and with one’s appearance.

Below are the best ways to maintain great health in every area of your life. If you haven’t mastered all of these yet, don’t fret. Just incorporate them little by little into your life and soon they’ll become naturals habits.

Please be aware any company can legally use the word organic, and the product not have anything organic inside. It must be certified organic for it the have organic contents.

Skin – Appearance


Only use Products with~
No Mineral oil
No Parabens
No Talc
No Silicones
No Alcohol

Experiment with natural skin care and make up lines, click here for a beginners list, and type the password ~ lovely ~. If you don’t see your favorite, please comment below!

Home – Upkeep


To clean, dust, & polish, use natural solutions and brands.

Eliminate plastic items, especially if you can smell them! They are the unhealthiest, such as car mats, doormats, rolling chair mats, water containers, water bottles, etc. Use glass containers to store your food. Check for plastic rating number on merchandise here.

Health – Body


For extreme internal health take the edible Calcium Montmorillonite Clay, load up on minerals, eat a rainbow (colorful plate of food) diet, and eat:

No whites: sugar, flour potato
No microwave usage
No Mercury (fillings in mouth)
No Mercury (highest found in all tuna fish)

No corn syrup
No high fructose
No gmos

No fluoride (research it…)

No dairy (we are not cows so we don’t need nutrients from one. You wouldn’t drink other animals’ milk, would you?)

No pharmaceutical medications, but if absolutely necessary, don’t stay on them for long periods of time

Do use herbs, organic foods, and vitamin powders to treat any ailments

Do you have any other suggestions I missed? 

Best Audio Books Every Feminine Girl Should Listen to


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I found a new pastime: audio books.. Now I know this is not new to many, but I’m one of those that still enjoy buying physical copies of a book, manually turning its pages, and marking it up however I feel. So using other technology for book reading is new to me.

Lately, I have been listening to books online. And not just any books, but the most feminine books I could find. What makes them so feminine, you ask? I’ve discovered similar themes in all these books that I qualify as feminine. They are:

🍬Very dreamy, idyllic, & ideal scenes
🍬 Girly values, behavior, & responses
🍬Full of love, emotion, & realistic physiologic reactions
🍬Intricate lives, complex people, & global experiences
🍬Happy stories, cheerful endings, & surprise turn of events
🍬Passionate actors for dynamic diverse characters
🍬Complex speeches, beautiful narration, & lofty sentiments
🍬Great diction, excellent vocabulary, & creative descriptions
🍬 Beautiful young innocent & prestigious heroines

The three best audio books for feminine women I found are:

1. The Benefactress by Elizabeth Von Arnim 1901



2. The Fortunate Foundlings by Eliza Haywood 1755



3. First Love by Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev 1818



The great thing about these particular books is that they’re in the public domain! That means if you have a device connected to Wi-Fi, you can hear these books for free too. Enjoy!! 💝

Have you found any other public domain audio books you can share with me? Please include a link to the source, Thank you!