Dancing: a Sensual but Therapeutic Activity


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Dancing can be therapeutic…. There are soooo many types of dances too, to gratify every taste. But as a feminine-spirited girl, only the most sensual dances appeal to me. The Ancient Eastern Dances are the only ones that now appeal to me, but it wasn’t always that way.

I grew up dancing in church. And I mean literally, not figuratively! When I was a young girl, my family took me to a church and as soon as the drums started pounding for the church band, my mother had to grab me to hold me still; I had jumped out the pew in front of everybody and started moving my body to the beat. Her hands were clasped around my waist and stomach, but I didn’t care; I was still dancing.

Here’s a picture of my mom and I, around the time that occurred:

pretty beauty mom.jpg         look up moi.jpg

Since then, I learned how to dance jazz, hip hop, pop n lock, wave, house, and step. Exactly 18 years ago, I took my first belly dance class. That lasted for three months, because it started to get too expensive at the time, but in that little time I soared.

Everything changed from that moment on. I never forgot about belly dancing and the exotic rhythms I heard. Shortly after, I began to fantasize about getting a group together and performing. That’s when I knew it penetrated my DNA. I started teaching myself the art by learning from great classic dancers. Since then I’ve performed & taught privately. Today, I am still studying to improve this beautiful art-form.


Doing research for my current class, I decided to share with you all the benefits that dancing can do for you. Especially now, since I recently became an expressive arts consultant.  For those that don’t know what that is: expressive arts is the practice of using the process of making art, not for the sake of the end result (a creation), but to help people transform, change, and improve their lives as they create. If you are interested in learning more click here.

Here’s the results of my findings~

26 Ways Dancing can be Therapeutic:

  1. relieves stress
  2. decreases anxiety
  3. boosts self-esteem
  4. enhances mobility
  5. reduces depression
  6. improves flexibility
  7. increases your energy
  8. increases quality of life
  9. promotes finer memory
  10. gives you better balance
  11. increases physical fitness
  12. develops gross motor skills
  13. gives one the ability to cope
  14. makes your heart healthier
  15. benefits lasts for a long time
  16. sharpens muscle coordination
  17. supports satisfying body image
  18. having fun while making friends
  19. a vehicle for expressing emotions
  20. encourages creativity and imagination
  21. gives an opportunity for social interaction
  22. boosts and improves self-confidence & esteem 
  23. burns 200-350 calories an hour for weight control
  24. like other athletics, it’s an accepted form of exercise
  25. becomes a ritual or habit, more than any other type of exercise
  26. increases well-being, affecting your mood in a good or positive way

Do you practice some form of dance as exercise or profession? If so what type and how long have you been doing it? If you’re a dancer, you might enjoy my dance quotes!

How to be Feminine in Today’s Society


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How to be Feminine in a society that promotes over-ambitious, aggressively competitive, & overtly sexual Women?

My personal conviction in 5 steps:


1. Stand firm in your Feminine strength, energy, and spirit. The Father gave you these traits innatel.  Believe in the power & validity of your gifts as a woman and allow no one to bully or dissuade you, unless you decide to change a faucet of yourself.  Be not ashamed nor embarrassed in what you were created to be!


2. Respect other opinions and decisions of women that don’t want to be feminine. Diversity in society keeps life interesting and it also allows our difference to be more pronounced.  We can learn and have relationships with everyone, as long as people are being their authentic and true selves without offending others. You will also gain the  respect of others, as you respect them too.


3. Find others of like-minded spirits in order to stay sharpened and rooted in your feminine  identity. Make friends, create a support group, and / or have get-togethers where you can share in girly like activities. (Join my new feminine community here!)


4.  Mastery is only achieved by perfectly practicing a skill. If you make a daily habit to perfect femininity,  you will constantly be immersed in it, and it will become natural for you to always respond in feminine ways, even in adverse environments.


5. Make a blueprint or strategy on how to carry out your feminine activities. For instance, my plan of practice is categorized by the day of the month, in which I spend time doing exercises in each feminine focus. See below:




Are you interested in my whole blueprint? I’ll be making a course out of this soon! If you would like to learn, join our FTP community here and opt in to the perfection feminine course.

How are you staying rooted in your femininity,  with all the political and personal changes in society involving gender identification and personality redefinition?

How I read books


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Is anyone else like this?

I feel like I’m the only one who does this, yet I’m open to the possibility that you might do it too.

I am a book lover. I love books.. Books have been my part of my world since I was a small child girl. I really owe my love of reading to my mother. Since I was small, she always made trips to the library fun. She read to me and help me read for myself. Whenever there were book orders through my school, I would always order several books.


There’s a saying in my family, that if you know how to read, you can learn to do anything. And it’s true. And books contain so much wisdom… Books have also helped me develop my vivid imagination. And I travel a lot through books. Add wisdom and imagination together and you get a lot of knowledge…

When I speak to frequent travelers, it appears that I have traveled more intensely than they have, only due to my active reading. Learning with passion, enthusiasm, and hunger can take you farther than any limitation in this world.


Looking at how I read books now, and I don’t recall how long I’ve been doing this, maybe since college..(come to think of it, college is probably what trained me to do this), but how I read books is:

1. I gather various topics / genres that I want to read about

2. I don’t pick one and read it all the way through (which is how everyone I know does it.)

3. I  proceed to read several books at once, a little bit at a time

Even up to eight!

Am I the only one who does this? There’s just so much to learn and explore that I cannot limit it to one book at a time!

That certainly is not linear. And when I think about it nothing in my life has been linear. I don’t even think God is linear. He deals with everything and cycles and circles. Just look at the planetary system and our seasons.


Sometimes I wish I could just pick up one book and read it all the way to the end. But there’s just too many that call my name at the same time. Is there something wrong with me? Or is this acceptable?

Now I also have two types of notetaking for my books. The first is I draw out the concepts I’m learning for a better memory and just because it’s so fun. The second is I get several colored pens or markers and highlight different things in the book for different reasons. See below for an Illustration, pun intended.

Here’s a picture of all the books I’m currently reading…How do you read books?


Sorry, my dog always enjoys being in all my photographs and videos!

What You Should Take When You Travel


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‘What You Should Take When You Travel’  or  ‘What I wish I took when I went on a trip’


It’s time to travel again and I so need this vacation yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Fortunately, I made a list of what I should’ve packed the last time I traveled. I’m sharing this with you, so you won’t make the same mistake if you’re not a regular traveler, but enjoy travel like me.


I thought I packed everything! But when I arrived at my destination, I realized I needed more than I brought… travel light they always say. Well I believe in travelling prepared!


*what I packed:


*what i should have packed:


Ugh! I cannot express to you in words how much I REALLY needed each of those items..

*what i will pack, this time:


Just bought this from Muzmm! This is really going to help me keep everything in order! if you want one too, I arranged 20% off for my followers my code: GIRLYTRAVELS at http://www.muzmm.com. Click: https://www.muzmm.com/discount/Girlytravels to see other colors too!

CB0A5E0E-9EB8-43B6-9CA9-5CDBB1E88FC6  Since I’m a natural girl, I cannot use most of the products on the market. So I make my own!  I have to bring regular size because I go through them like water…


Because I enjoy journaling & reading!

What do you have to pack when you travel??

To Olive / Olivia:

At last, it is here. And it may be the last one I publish in a while… The book that speaks to Olives and Olivias across the globe! If you know one, or are thinking of naming your child an Olivia or Olive. Read this book first, to understand the meaning behind the name, and why it’s rare and precious to God. Engage in the most fun, challenging, and stimulating activities and reflections to encourage creativity, while discovering and developing who you are, on this planet of 7.7 billion people.



Learn about the process of olive oil as well as read thought provoking questions for your personal development. Anyone interested in the anointing will love this book! Here’s an excerpt from this book:



Olive also sounds like א , aleph, which is the first letter of the Modern Hebrew alphabet. Since it’s similar in phonetics, by extension Olive can also can mean א. It symbolizes strength, leadership, and the first in a collection of things. If a person is named Olive, it means he or she is also one who is ahead in life. She or he is a natural leader in her or his circles and is usually on the cutting edge of things. If the person is not, he or she isn’t living up to their potential. Of course, once the person is made aware of this revelation, and desires to cooperate with it, he or she will quickly rise to the top. 

Get your copy today of over 100 pages about you! This book has over 50 creative prompts to help you grow. It also includes an opportunity to participate in a bigger project! If you know, or are, an Olive or Olivia, please comment below and tell me the one word you would use to describe yourself. Share this post with a friend name Olive or Olivia!

Top Ten Careers for Feminine Women


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Here are some careers best suited for feminine women due to her nature, plum pop!

  1. Teacher ~ since a woman is very smart,  knowledgeable, & intuitive  she would be great at instructing others in the areas of her expertise 47C4E839-2685-406F-8DC6-06E0547A0845
  2. Blogger ~ because a woman is generally very expressive, detailed, & astute with words she would do well in sharing her thoughts with the public 3529DF00-2C6F-4677-90A7-8D4396F4F353.jpeg
  3. Dancer ~ culturally women have a natural rhythm, as they flow in life, they are naturals at flowing with all kinds of music DC4E66C5-830C-4372-BF36-B300B73A65D3
  4. Artist ~ creatures of emotion and expression, women would make great artists as they have a knack for creating beautiful things, since they symbolize beauty C319D551-2682-4414-ADC3-93FB12825496
  5. Promoter ~ supportive of another’s vision & purpose, a woman can be the best promoter in any one’s business she believes in 7511BA9C-A973-44A7-AA86-83A02709159A
  6. Interior designer ~ perceptive of her environment, a woman  easily knows how to decorate a space to create a theme, mood, or ambience that makes everyone feel at home EF5E9E39-F90A-4D1A-9F0A-C9EB0FB8C333.jpeg
  7. Child or pet Sitter ~ loving & nurturing, women generally have traits that would e good in caring for little ones 5D62197E-6761-4357-AD79-2CECE4C9757F.jpeg
  8. Caregiver ~ since a woman’s natural instinct is to nuture & care for others  this would be a perfect office for her to share her gifts 44BA9401-0724-47B4-966B-F4AA20D62DD4
  9. Stylist of hair , makeup , Clothes ~ her creativity makes this option a wonderful opportunity for her expression DD2EDCFA-AB1F-4CDC-9AA4-D8045303517B.jpeg
  10. Assistant ~ helping someone or an organization is very fulfilling for the feminine one & allows her to operate in a God-given role 166CCCED-F449-4D20-8959-B47B0BA3EE5E

Are there any other feminine type jobs you can think of, that fit into a woman’s innate nature?


Top 19 Most Feminine Textiles


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The Following is an excerpt from the book, 39 Elements of Femininity. It’s a list of some of the most Feminine Materials to put on your skin or to decorate with:






































Which materials do you find the most feminine?

Best Girly Films


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I have complied a list of the some of the best girly films I’ve seen, that will stimulate the core feminine essence in you! Starting from my most favorite to just favorite. If you haven’t seen them yet, put them on your list for this summer’s rental. Oh, do let me know if there’s a movie or two I missed, that should be on this list. ~Enjoy!


One Night with the King

Hero (English Subtitled)

Roman Holiday

The September Issue


Most Lovely Music


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Here is a list of the most Feminine Music I have ever heard that I think a Girly Girl or a Feminine Femme would enjoy listening to:


Windham Hill: Romantics ~ Romantic Music of the 19th Century

Cyrine Abdul Noor ~ Haleyk Ouyouni Lovely

Hossam Ramzy ~ Classical Egyptian Dance Exotic

Rough Guide to Salsa de Puerto Rico Hott

Putumayo Presents: Israel Cultural

Rough Guide to Bellydance Sensual

Messianic Scripture Songs from Israel Spiritual

&…….The following Heavenly pieces can be found on my playlist below:

  1. Sons of the Revelation ~ Psalm 121
  2. Jeff Majors ~Psalm 23
  3. Ofir Ben Shitrit ~ Katonti
  4. Elias Argüello ~ Psalm 139
  5. Erez Yehiel ~ תיקון הכללי‎‎ The General Remedy

Heavenly Music

Have you heard any of these before? What do you feel when you listen to any of these songs? Do you have any other suggestions that should be on this list?

Oils, Herbs, & Spices for Women


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There are specific oils a woman can utilize to make the most of her feminine being while passing time on this earth.


She should start with Myrrh.


Myrrh heals the body, the spirit, and the soul. It is the only oil that the book of Esther identifies by name, to purify a woman.


Next she should try frankincense. One off the gifts given to our Savior at birth, it helps bring maturity in spirit and mind.


Then to flush the body of toxins and restore health, coriander should be introduced.


Hyssop is to purge from physical pain, and David asked the Lord to spiritually cleanse him with it and recorded in his psalms.


Marjoram is a great comfort of negative emotions while Spikenard, our modern day lavender, is used for protection from evil.


To fight diseases sickness and other disorders, Lemon must be included in the diet.


Finally, Myrtle a symbol of love, sweetness, and redemption, makes the woman’s aromatherapy treatment complete.


This and other oils was researched Biblically, Historically, & Scientifically and noted in the book of Esther’s Days of Purification.

Do you currently use any oils in your daily ritual? If so, which ones and why?