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We all have it, until something happens.

We all need more of it to help cope with life.

and We will never exhaust it.

it is Patience.

I’ve heard many people pray for the patience of Job.

I don’t. Have you read about what happened to that guy? No thank you, I’ve got my own gig going on and do not want his.

But how do I grow more patience, without trials?

I use to believe I was extremely patient, receiving compliments from many of my superiors on my work with my students. Many students requested my instruction for that reason, among others. But now? It’s been about a decade since I’ve taught at that school and it’s hard to wait for a web page to load up.

What happened?

When I used to take public transportation, I could hardly wait 5 minutes for the next bus. When I worked on my books I self-published, I was anxious to complete them as soon as the concept for them is formed in my mind. What was going on?

What I needed was peace. You see patience encompasses inner and outer peace when you’re in the middle of something, or anything. I learned to pray for peace not patience. This peace that Jesus gives surpasses your understanding about your life. I then found many Scriptures on “waiting on the Lord”, which helps increases your peace, thereby making you patient.

Waiting on the Lord does not mean:

doing nothing

being anxious as time goes on

Waiting on the Lord does mean:

doing what you know to do

keeping busy with things He told you to do

doing things calmly, thoroughly, and gently

There are incredible blessings also given to those who choose to wait on God. I’m asking for continual peace while I do all things in life and I pray the same for you.

photo credits: Andrea Piacquadio, Rodolfo Quirós