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As a feminine woman, I’ve being asking the Lord to help me simplify my life. He responded with a number a things to do in order to have a more simple life.

It is my opinion, that every woman in Christ that is blossoming in her femininity should not have a complicated life. Complex thoughts yes. Complex creativity yes. Complex behavior yes. But a complex life?

No. She should aim to simplify things so she will not be overcome, overwhelmed, or overpowered with life. Then she could truly flow in and share peace with others.

Part of this process is to stop blogging. Yes blogging. The Lord is giving me so much content during this season, that it needs to be nestled and framed into books. I have authored 19 as of 10.26.20 on Femininity. I will now turn toward producing more, to help the feminine soul blossom.

In addition I will be focusing on my YouTube channel. If you want to know more about this process, the solutions He gave me, and to hear an incredible backstory, subscribe and turn on the bell notifications.

Other wise, it’s been lovely, it’s been wild, but it’s time to go from glory to glory..

Connect with me on my main site, as I keep this blog up for references, and I will still be offering free ebooks and other feminine literature / audio in my store Pink Peach & Cream, to those passionate about becoming and maintaining ultra femininity.

This is the last post on this site…Will you miss me or my blogs?

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