*About Moi*


Olive Swan is a feminine girl that takes pleasure in all things girly, most things pastel, and some things Mediterranean. She doesn’t claim to have perfected all the elements of Femininity, but actively works to immerse herself in them everyday.
  Her quest to become ultra feminine blossomed in 5775 (2014). Since then she has studied feminine nature, women, girls, objects, books, colors, textiles, etc.. Being more feminine changed her approach to life, as well as her decor. She believes being feminine is a high class art that is available to all who wish it upon themselves.

Why her approach is different from ALL the other feminine sites & businesses today: 

Olive believes in order to share & accentuate feminine energy with other women, it cannot just be extracted only from an article of words. A woman must immerse herself, as one who learns a new language, in femininity, through the use of the seven senses:








She desires to inspire other women through these pathways to live in, radiate, & share feminine energy💜💜💜


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  1. I love your blog!

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