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Pink, the mixture of red and white, not a hue*, but a value of red, tinted by white or creme, so not a shade**. Its red, the color of passion and energy, mixed with white, the color of purity, goodness, innocence is the perfect choice for young girls and young women whose inner soul seeks to express its true self, for these are the attributes at the heart of every female, mature or immature.

This ultra feminine color empowers women and weakens men. In this culture, pink represents girls to the fullest meaning, and not boys. Its tint represents softness, youthfulness, tenderness, kindness, nurturing, innocence, romance, beauty, compassion, love, sweetness, and sensitivity. No wonder girls and girly girls love pink! It represents themselves in every aspects of their femininity. Most little girls dream and imagine something, and it is usually a version of themselves in their perfect ideal of maturity. In their youth, they see themselves carrying these innate attributes into adulthood. Sometime life impairs the fulfillment of this vision, but I believe we can recreate a path to restore the original vision. Starting with embracing pink again.

*hue~(the color’s name that represent a wavelength in the spectrum of visible light)
**shade~(darkened value by black)