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How many people have bought anything that says 100% content inside? And you know if you put a little bit of something else if you mix it with something else it’s not 100%? Even if you put a little bit a tiny bit of something else it’s not purely 100%. That’s the same with femininity. There is spiritually pure femininity and then there’s polluted femininity.


The purest and highest form of femininity is unmixed, unpolluted, and unchanged from its original form. It can be smelled, tasted, felt, heard, and seen.. (excerpt from 3 levels of Femininity)

Everything has a spirit; there’s a spirit on everything. Our predecessors knew this, and that is why ancient languages have genderized nouns. They could sense either a masculine or feminine spirit attached to everything tangible and intangible.

As follows, there is a spirit of femininity too. To blossom in this Femininity do the following:


  1. The first thing you must do is ask for it. Some people take it, some people borrow it, some people are gifted with it. But the best protocol is to ask for it. I requested a spirit of femininity be placed upon me from the Holy Spirit. That means everything I do in femininity will be in the Spirit of the Lord.
  2. Next you must be birthed into it. When something is birthed is comes out of water. Water is also a perfect cleanser from the old to transfer into new. Our bodies are made of over 70% water. It symbolizes life.  When one immerses themselves in the water for the purpose of femininity, we are reborn into Femininity. 
  3. Study your new gift to become excellent in it. You would do well to read literature, watch movies, and listen to music that caters to the Feminine Nature. This should be done once a week at the least and once a day at best.


Want more? Join my workshop on making a Vow of Femininity.

photos by Engin Akyurt, Taryn Elliot, Vlad Bagacian