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Here are some careers best suited for feminine women due to her nature, plum pop!

  1. Teacher ~ since a woman is very smart,  knowledgeable, & intuitive  she would be great at instructing others in the areas of her expertise 47C4E839-2685-406F-8DC6-06E0547A0845
  2. Blogger ~ because a woman is generally very expressive, detailed, & astute with words she would do well in sharing her thoughts with the public 3529DF00-2C6F-4677-90A7-8D4396F4F353.jpeg
  3. Dancer ~ culturally women have a natural rhythm, as they flow in life, they are naturals at flowing with all kinds of music DC4E66C5-830C-4372-BF36-B300B73A65D3
  4. Artist ~ creatures of emotion and expression, women would make great artists as they have a knack for creating beautiful things, since they symbolize beauty C319D551-2682-4414-ADC3-93FB12825496
  5. Promoter ~ supportive of another’s vision & purpose, a woman can be the best promoter in any one’s business she believes in 7511BA9C-A973-44A7-AA86-83A02709159A
  6. Interior designer ~ perceptive of her environment, a woman  easily knows how to decorate a space to create a theme, mood, or ambience that makes everyone feel at home EF5E9E39-F90A-4D1A-9F0A-C9EB0FB8C333.jpeg
  7. Child or pet Sitter ~ loving & nurturing, women generally have traits that would e good in caring for little ones 5D62197E-6761-4357-AD79-2CECE4C9757F.jpeg
  8. Caregiver ~ since a woman’s natural instinct is to nuture & care for others  this would be a perfect office for her to share her gifts 44BA9401-0724-47B4-966B-F4AA20D62DD4
  9. Stylist of hair , makeup , Clothes ~ her creativity makes this option a wonderful opportunity for her expression DD2EDCFA-AB1F-4CDC-9AA4-D8045303517B.jpeg
  10. Assistant ~ helping someone or an organization is very fulfilling for the feminine one & allows her to operate in a God-given role 166CCCED-F449-4D20-8959-B47B0BA3EE5E

Are there any other feminine type jobs you can think of, that fit into a woman’s innate nature?