the Simple Life for Feminine Women


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As a feminine woman, I’ve being asking the Lord to help me simplify my life. He responded with a number a things to do in order to have a more simple life.

It is my opinion, that every woman in Christ that is blossoming in her femininity should not have a complicated life. Complex thoughts yes. Complex creativity yes. Complex behavior yes. But a complex life?

No. She should aim to simplify things so she will not be overcome, overwhelmed, or overpowered with life. Then she could truly flow in and share peace with others.

Part of this process is to stop blogging. Yes blogging. The Lord is giving me so much content during this season, that it needs to be nestled and framed into books. I have authored 19 as of 10.26.20 on Femininity. I will now turn toward producing more, to help the feminine soul blossom.

In addition I will be focusing on my YouTube channel. If you want to know more about this process, the solutions He gave me, and to hear an incredible backstory, subscribe and turn on the bell notifications.

Other wise, it’s been lovely, it’s been wild, but it’s time to go from glory to glory..

Connect with me on my main site, as I keep this blog up for references, and I will still be offering free ebooks and other feminine literature / audio in my store Pink Peach & Cream, to those passionate about becoming and maintaining ultra femininity.

This is the last post on this site…Will you miss me or my blogs?

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Advertisement you have Patience? (a Feminine Trait Synopsis)


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We all have it, until something happens.

We all need more of it to help cope with life.

and We will never exhaust it.

it is Patience.

I’ve heard many people pray for the patience of Job.

I don’t. Have you read about what happened to that guy? No thank you, I’ve got my own gig going on and do not want his.

But how do I grow more patience, without trials?

I use to believe I was extremely patient, receiving compliments from many of my superiors on my work with my students. Many students requested my instruction for that reason, among others. But now? It’s been about a decade since I’ve taught at that school and it’s hard to wait for a web page to load up.

What happened?

When I used to take public transportation, I could hardly wait 5 minutes for the next bus. When I worked on my books I self-published, I was anxious to complete them as soon as the concept for them is formed in my mind. What was going on?

What I needed was peace. You see patience encompasses inner and outer peace when you’re in the middle of something, or anything. I learned to pray for peace not patience. This peace that Jesus gives surpasses your understanding about your life. I then found many Scriptures on “waiting on the Lord”, which helps increases your peace, thereby making you patient.

Waiting on the Lord does not mean:

doing nothing

being anxious as time goes on

Waiting on the Lord does mean:

doing what you know to do

keeping busy with things He told you to do

doing things calmly, thoroughly, and gently

There are incredible blessings also given to those who choose to wait on God. I’m asking for continual peace while I do all things in life and I pray the same for you.

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Feminine Ritual for pure Feminine Women


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How many people have bought anything that says 100% content inside? And you know if you put a little bit of something else if you mix it with something else it’s not 100%? Even if you put a little bit a tiny bit of something else it’s not purely 100%. That’s the same with femininity. There is spiritually pure femininity and then there’s polluted femininity.


The purest and highest form of femininity is unmixed, unpolluted, and unchanged from its original form. It can be smelled, tasted, felt, heard, and seen.. (excerpt from 3 levels of Femininity)

Everything has a spirit; there’s a spirit on everything. Our predecessors knew this, and that is why ancient languages have genderized nouns. They could sense either a masculine or feminine spirit attached to everything tangible and intangible.

As follows, there is a spirit of femininity too. To blossom in this Femininity do the following:


  1. The first thing you must do is ask for it. Some people take it, some people borrow it, some people are gifted with it. But the best protocol is to ask for it. I requested a spirit of femininity be placed upon me from the Holy Spirit. That means everything I do in femininity will be in the Spirit of the Lord.
  2. Next you must be birthed into it. When something is birthed is comes out of water. Water is also a perfect cleanser from the old to transfer into new. Our bodies are made of over 70% water. It symbolizes life.  When one immerses themselves in the water for the purpose of femininity, we are reborn into Femininity. 
  3. Study your new gift to become excellent in it. You would do well to read literature, watch movies, and listen to music that caters to the Feminine Nature. This should be done once a week at the least and once a day at best.


Want more? Join my workshop on making a Vow of Femininity.

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How to Pray Feminine with the AlephBet


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Coupled with my latest video on “how to Pray Feminine” that shares ways you can Pray in a Feminine manner (see video below), I also published a fun workbook to accompany it! Yay!!

This book, Feminine Prayers AlephBet, is based on my prayer series, and goes through each of the 22 letters of the Hebrew AlephBet to symbolize a pictorial image with closely associated concepts. You will learn what they are and how Godly Feminine Woman can pray to the Lord according to the ideas these letters represent.


There are many activities, questions, and perspectives that are included for each letter! This book uses also expressive arts to solidify these concepts in your lifestyle and bring possible therapeutic benefits to your life♡ so… why… are… you… waiting?? Get it today!!

If you want a free copy, I am offering within the next seven days to ANYONE, who shares my video with 10 different and actual people, and each of them comment on it and like it, {but only if they really do 🙂 including yourself}, then I will send you a free copy in late July. This offer is limited to the first 10 people who do this, whom are put in a pool and the three random chosen ones will receive this book for free, shipping included only if you’re in the US.

Come, pray, and experience positive changes with me today!

Biblical Women – Mini Series


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I have started a series looking at Biblical Women from an Artistic, Scientific, & Hebraic point of view and Rebekah’s story has just been posted! Learn how the story of 17 ancient Women can assist you as a Feminine Woman in today’s culture. You can listen in on video or audio!

Follow the Visual Series here:

Or listen on Spotify or iTunes….


Share your thoughts on their stories with me!

3-star review? I’m so Happy!!


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I recently saw that my podcastthe Art & Science of Feminity, has a 3 star review. When I looked closely to discover why I received that rating, I discovered I had one:


and the other:


I was so elated!!

This meant I did not have two 3-star ratings!

I did not have two people that said ‘I feel lukewarm about her‘.

Instead, I had two very passionate people saying two different things:

I really love her material and feel it has value my life!


I really do not vibe with her content at all.

Whew! That is so much better than being labelled as lukewarm. I rather have people love me or hate me, but never so-so or lukewarm about me 🙂 Those raters made my day!!

Although….if I’m not feeling someone’s show, if I know it’s not for me, I just click off or find one that is. Personally I do not want to hurt someone’s online presence, even if I feel they are wrong, because I know it’s gold to others trusting in you and their info might be for someone else out there.

So I don’t understand the reason I received a one star? Especially when I pour my time talent and heart into everything I do, unless that rater may be a Feminist. If so, I don’t understand why they’d tune in to listen to my show, unless they are ready to go Feminine! But we currently have freedom of choice, so I digress….I’m just so relieved that someone does connect with my show and that I didn’t get 3 stars from two people.

What’s your opinion on this?


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Keeping Yourself Sane (in pandemics)


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With all the talk about being isolated, stuck and quarantined, I think one needs to stay mentally healthy during this time as equal to, if not more than, one’s physical health. 
Here are some ways to do that:
1. Study a topic you’ve always wanted to learn more about. They’re are now numerous online FREE classes you can take from universities, apps, and organizations. Take advantage while it’s available. Do a search online to find the perfect one for you.
2. Make your environment more excellent by keeping everything cleaned deeply, organized well, and neatly designed. Maybe do some low cost redecorating to make your space more suitable for full time at home living. Look on Pinterest or Youtube for ideas.
3. Take time to be present with your immediate family, to fully experience their presence, and engage in their lives. Research ways to spend unique time with them.
4. Develop & invest in yourself and character. Do you need to forgive anyone? Are you envious of someone you know? Have you purposely done any one harm, whether great or small? Time to purify yourself of any evil within & have God cleanse you with His goodness. Prayer, mediation, and reading HIs Word will help you do this, as well as asking the Holy Spirit to bring to your attention things you need to perfect in yourself.
5. Make new friends online. Humans were created for social connections and need them more so during this time. Find the best social media outlet for you and befriend someone or many!
6. Create something. Pick up any dormant talents you have. If it’s valuable to others, you may have just made a side gig for yourself.
will help you
be successful
in these current times..
And if you are really want a meticulous way to rule your day, watch this!
What are you doing to Sharpen, Polish, Perfect yourself during this time?
Because when things surely change again, will you be ready?
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The Classic Prophetess


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Amidst all of the Male Prophets we grow up learning about, did you know that there were also Women recorded in history as Prophets? That’s right! Among the Major & Minor Prophets as Recorded in their Self-Named Books, like Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, & Daniel, we have EIGHT Female Prophetesses. Gives new thought to women not speaking up in a religious atmosphere, doesn’t it??

Even though 1-4 “verses” or lines were written about each one, we can learn much from those few words about their character, as well as the historical time they lived in.

But first test – Can you guess who they were?

  1. Who was the sister of a major Old Testament Prophet that was also the first recorded Praise Team Leader?
  2. Who were the four unnamed Woman Prophets?
  3. Which female Prophetess was also a Judge in Israel?
  4. Which Prophetess from the tribe of A’ser, spoke over the child Jesus?

Answers at the bottom!



Exodus 15:20-21 – Miriam – we know her as a dancer, a singer, and an instrumentalist (she played the Tamborine), she also also prone to jealously over her brother, but most of the time obeyed the Lord’s authority

Judges 4:4 – Deborah – this woman was know for the place she dwelled, under a tree, as people came to her continually for judgement in Israel, and she led the people in a victorious war over their enemies and sung about it afterward

II Kings 22:14 – Huldah – while dwelling in a college, she had connections in constant conversations with high level people, like the priests & the wardrobe keeper’s wife and she was well-respected

Luke 2:36-38 – Anna – it is said she as a older woman of great virtue, served God by fasting and prayers ever day and night, so she could see the Lord clearly when he arrived in Jerusalem

Acts 21:8-9 – 4 Virgin Daughters – as some of the disciples with Paul lodged temporarily with Philip, known as the evangelist, it was noted that his daughters were reputed to be not only chaste but prophetic in their role in the region

These woman are historical proof that the female gender was also respected in the role of a Prophet. The Lord Himself, whom sent them to proclaim, announce, and expose things, was with them. He spoke to them and did not let one of their prophecies be untrue.

Those, usually men whom are very religious and strict by ancient law, already fulfilled (not eradicated, but fulfilled), who said a woman cannot and should not speak in the ‘church’ in quoting one Scripture, not with full knowledge of the culture, custom, and answers to a concern at one time in history, should realize that before there was a ‘church building or religious gathering‘, God sent WOMEN to SPEAK on HIS BEHALF to PROCLAIM very important matters of direction, truth, & encouragement over a NATION, the children of Israel. God Bless the Women..


Answers to quiz:

  1. Miriam
  2. the 4 virgin Daughters of Phillip the evangelist
  3. Deborah
  4. Anna
Image by Thuanny Gantuss

The Ancient Dance ~ the 1st Triple Threat


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I believe ancient dances to be more feminine, more flexible, & more spiritually connected than today’s modern dances.

Let me explain:

More Feminine..

All the modern dances created in the past 2000 years, have elements of masculinity and abnormal gravity defying movements, which is also a masculine trait. Women don’t naturally move in the ways of modern dance, which is why they must be trained in that particular dance.


Hip Hop is aggressively masculine, Jazz is the birth of spunky, & Ballet uses a number of damaging alignments to the body in the appearance of gracefulness. They are all unique and have their place, but they are also a few illustrations of the non-natural femininity in dance.


In ancient times, before and up to the arrival & death of Christ, the way women moved naturally were easily incorporated into their dances, which made learning & doing them easy & simple. Imitation was the teaching method with the way of observance, made the dances remain alive in the culture of those generations.

Canva - Woman Wearing Green and White Dress

More Flexible..

It appear we have evidence that all ancient dance incorporated two or more of the following elements:

~the dance itself (lovely body movements)

~props (instruments or other)

~songs (sung by singers reflecting their current, but now historical, news)


Today, many dancers solo dance to the music, in which is a great feat, BUT most ancient dancers sung  & played an instrument when they danced, creating rhythm with their movements. In addition, their dances were beautiful, use various levels of rhythmic space, and were often done in groups.

Remember when Miriam danced? She sung & played the tambourine simultaneously while leading others in the celebration. And what about the dancers who praised David & Saul? They chanted as they danced with tabrets &various instruments of music. These women recorded in our history books of Exodus (15:20-21) & I Samuel (18:6-7), were the first triple threats!!


More Spiritually Connected..

Ancient dancers of all races, ethnicities, & nations danced. And when they danced it was often in connection of worship to their deity. For the Israelites, is was/and still is for the Most High God: I AM / the Lord Almighty, for the Greeks is was to act out legends for their gods, for the Canaanites it was to dance around their idols & different forces of nature, while the Baal priests wildly & violently danced around their erected alters.

All dancing was consciously connected to worship of a spirit. Although there is only One Spirit, which is the Most High & beside Him there is no other, these diverse people recognized dance as a sacred act of worship to a spirit that they felt were governing their lives. I do not advocate demonic dancing’ dancing to any god except Our Creator, Yahweh. I solely support honoring the dance to Him as the true Lord. Yet, I point out these other ancient dancers to reveal their awareness of the power in dance & their understanding that it should be offered up as a sweet sacrifice in worship to the Lord.


We as a whole people do not have this vast awareness today. Yet the spirit realm has not lost its knowledge of its power. It perceives each dancer whether their dance belongs to the Holy One or given to the other one (the enemy), (see Acts 19:15), even though the average dancer is unaware of it. Many don’t realize they are dancing for some deity that influences their movement, whether it is for the Lord or some idol. If we restore this awareness, we can change our commitment to move for & only for God.

Will you return to the triple threat dancing for the Lord of this Dance? Or will you continue to allow our precious customs to lie dormant unknown in books, movies, and songs?

I choose to Dance for God & His People

photos by Pixabay, Vinicius Vilela, Marlon Schmeiski, Gabb Tapic, Brett Sayles

High Level Femininity, Patterned in Hebraic Temples


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I was meditating one evening, as often biblical characters have done before great significance occurs in their lives, & asked the Lord what He could show me regarding the Tabernacle of Moses and the Temples of Solomon, Zerubbabel, & Herod’s in regards to Femininity.

Did they really have anything to do with femininity at all?” I wondered. These great structures of Worship and Intercession, where functions and performance were dominated by the men set apart by God. Masculinity oozed from the Temples.


Still, I secretly believed that femininity could be perceived in all the duties of the court. This unexplainable assurance was birthed in me months ago; I just didn’t have the evidence. Last week, I asked the Lord if my theory was true. And then, He opened my eyes:

Remember the book I wrote on the 3 Levels of Femininity? If you haven’t heard of it, I categorize all the nuances and characteristics of Femininity in three distinct levels.

He recently showed me how each level relates to a particular glory of the Temples and what they symbolize. Then he showed me how a woman desiring to attain the highest level can do so by going through a simulation of an actual Temple ritual. I detail and describe this exact course a woman needs to take, to become totally and completely surrendered to Christ in Femininity. I also share what each function and furnishing symbolizes to the feminine girl. Here’s a digital copy of it.

Below are the associations He gave me for each level of Femininity:


1. Level One Girliness – relates to Solomon’s Temple

The first Temple to be built was done so by a experienced youth that had a heart to fulfill his purpose as role as king and judge with wisdom. Immature yet glorious, the king Solomon built this structure that many were impressed with. The Girly stage of Femininity, is the also first stage and is immature in its nature of being innocent, naive, and inexperienced. It’s pure desire is only to exist to reflect its own glory of loveliness.

2. Level Two Sensuality – relates to Zerubbabel’s Temple

This is the Temple that Ezra and Nehemiah records being rebuilt (by Joshua, Zerubbabel, and prophets of God), after the captivity of Israel. They did their best to resurrect what they formally had, while returning the people to the worship of their God, but it did not match the previous Temple’s riches. This is the nature of Sensuality. It tries to create something, but is not as pure as the former or later layers of Femininity. It’s purpose is for gain, whether selfish or altruistic.

3. Level Three Spirituality – relates to Herod’s Temple

The non-covenant king, Herod wanted to expand on Zerubbabel’s Temple adding luxury, treasure, & opulence to it. It was revered before its destruction. Never again was a Temple of this particular structure and elements were built. This imitates the highest level of Femininity as it has been matured by the other two levels, taking lessons from them, yet now creating a pure form of Femininity. It is the final stage of Femininity. Full of wealth, riches, and treasures of grace, sweetness, and beauty, this level of Femininity is connected to God.


The revelation the Lord shared with me waa just amazing! To know not only the Temples had an general association with Femininity; but to learn the rituals within the Temple could be applied to Femininity really astounded me! When I experienced it, it was life-changing. The kind where no other type of Femininity (goddess, sacred, divine, etc..) expressed by the world could offer. Feminine energy is all things things, but not The Thing. This is how we own our Femininity, experiencing one that is life altering for us – but who owns Femininity?

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