The Dress, an Icon of a Woman?


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Dresses. This article of clothing has caused debate for decades. It’s a symbol of freedom or repression, identity or stereotype, femininity or anti-feminism. Since time evovled it has become attributed to & accepted of the woman & not the man.

Yet looking at earlier replicas of men’s clothing, they wore clothes in drapery that looked like dresses too. Many claim biblically that a woman she should not wear pants. But if they read closely, the Book of Deuteronomy says a man shouldn’t put on clothes pertaining to a woman & a woman shouldn’t put on clothes pertaining to a man.


My understanding translates that to a woman not putting on clothes MADE for a man: their jeans,pants, etc. Some woman purposely wear as a style the boyfriend jeans boyfriend T-shirt, boyfriend jacket, etc., which is a conscious decision. (Memo: I’m not referring to circumstances where a woman or girl is cold & a man offers his shirt or jacket to keep her warm out of kindness & protection, that’s different.)


Yet there are clothes MADE for a woman, such as: leggings, pants, jeans, etc. & weren’t meant for a man. As long as men & women don’t mix them or crossdress, I don’t see what the problem is with a woman wearing female styled pants or jeans. I don’t believe Scripture is violated here. Do you?

What are your thoughts on this matter?

*first photo collage from Pinterest

*all other photos taken by author, & contents in the images are also the author’s possessions


The Power of Touch


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Isn’t it amazing! How touching someone, no matter what age, does so many wonderful things. This touch is so profound that if babies and infants do not receiving cuddling, hugs, & other loving touches they 100% grow up to have an anti-social personality disorder, which usually leads to the harming of others.

It is extremely important to touch newborns as often as time, desire, & space permits. They will grow healthy mentally, spiritually, & physically.

How often has the touch of a loved one made your day easier, lovelier, & sweeter? Touches can say I care, I love, I support.. you. They can calm you from erratic emotions or excite you for intimate play. I think when people are upset, angry, or sad, they have probably been lacking touches in their lives. So the next time you’re out & meet an irate person, ask them do they need a little touch today? They will probably calm down & hug you…


*pics from typorama

The Shift for Feminine Women


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There’s something special happening to feminine women right now.. We are on the cusp, the verge, the brink of a new season to receive something VERY SPECIAL & SIGNIFICANT!

Don’t miss your appointment! Discover more about how to receive the answer to your prayers, the deepest desire of your heart, & the needed change for your life:

Femininity A-Z, alphabet list..


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If a feminine woman could be described,  her mystery might be touched with any,  most, or all of these adjectives:


~ adaptable to an environment & others
~ accepting of others & the expected
~ affectionate
~ affable


~ beautiful look & make beauty
~ bubbly persona
~ breathtaking energy & spirit


~ creative
~ calm
~ considerate
~ charming
~ compassionate
~ credible
~ calling
~ cheerful
~ calming
~ charming


~ dreamer
~ delightful
~ divine


~ etiquette
~ enchanting
~ enthusiastic
~ effective
~ elegant
~ exuberant
~ encouraging
~ extraordinary


~ freedom to express & experience life
~ forgiving
~ fascinating


~ gentle spirit
~ gorgeous
~ genuine
~ generous
~ gracious
~ gifted


~ heavenly
~ happy with life, self, God
~ honest
~ humanitarian


~ instrumental
~ inspiring
~ impressive
~ insightful
~ imaginative
~ intuitive
~ ingenious
~ incandescent


~ journey enjoy with sensual pleasure
~ joyful


~ kindness
~ keen


~ love, be loving & open to receive love
~ laughter
~ loyal
~ lively


~ movements
~ motherly
~ modest
~ moral the highest standards


~ nuture those around you, esp pets, kids, elderly
~ natural
~ noble
~ nubile suitable for marriage
~ natural


~ organized
~ optimistic
~ open


~ pleasant & pleasant words
~ prepared
~ passionate
~ persuasive
~ progressive
~ productive


~ queenly
~ quiet


~ reserved & radiant
~ reserved
~ romantic
~ ravishing
~ reliable


~ sweetness & softness
~ sensual
~ sympathetic
~ sincere
~ sensitive
~ subtle


~ tender in response
~ touch
~ thoughtful
~ trustworthy


~ understanding  with sympathy
~ uplifting
~ unselfish
~ uplifting


~ vulnerable
~ versatile
~ vigorous


~ wonder
~ wise
~ welcoming
~ warmhearted
~ wonderful


~ Xenodochial friendly to strangers


~ youthful
~ yielding


~ zephyr zesty zippy ( full of energy )
~ Zaftig ( plump juicy woman )

1 Million ways to spend $20


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There’s 1 million ways to spend $20…at target. Yes it’s true. I can prove it. But for now, here’s how I decided to spend mine.

I needed some girlie things as well as practical things. I really wanted Milani lip gloss & a waffle maker. Unfortunately, the store I went to no longer carried waffle makers. They told me I had to order it online & have it shipped there, even though I saw tons of other appliances: coffee makers, toasters, mini ovens, blenders, etc. They even kept up the sign by the aisle labeled ‘Waffle Makers’ 😢 And to top it off, I saw every other cosmetic line but Miliani! (why?)

Note: this is not a complaint, I am thoroughly happy with my experience & purchases. 😊 I just went in with one purpose & came out with another.

So, after the rehearsal of putting 6 things in my cart & removing half of them at the register, here is what I purchased:



I needed a lampshade for my lamp (also from target):


A tray for holding my mini electronics gear:



And decided to splurge on a very delectable smelling candle to bring a sweet earthy musk into my room:

How would you spend $20…at Target?


5 Pretty Bathsuits for the Summer


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Here the prettiest one piece bathing suits for the summer. Looks like pastels are in with a bit of classy coverage, with sensual fabrics, cuts,  & design. My fav is the black and pink one, which appears to be out of stock for now. Which one is your favorite?

Why Hugging Might Save You…


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A feminine woman should be a professional hugger. Hugging is an art that gives to the huggee as well as the hugger.


Did you know that hugging:

~releases endorphins in your brain & body

~speeds up any physical recovery needed

~helps grow, keep, & mature you socially & emotionally

So why isn’t everybody doing it more?

Since the benefits are wonderful & free, we should use every opportunity, reason, & excuse to hug. Having a hug several times a day will make anyone happier, calmer, & sweeter.

Hugging can cheer, comfort, & connect you to someone. It’s a great form of physical communication. Whether or not we are lovers or friends, family or acquaintances, hugging is necessary for a luscious life.

There are 5 types of basic hugs:

  1. Front hug *best one!
  2. Side hug
  3. Angle hug
  4. Spoon hug
  5. Back hug

Any hug is good for you, but the front one seems to be the most popular & desired.  Which one is your favorite?

* photo from Pinterest


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One of the most noticeable pieces of jewelry are the rings on a finger. And each finger symbolizes different concepts in life. But the question for girly girls is what type of ring should you wear?  Truly, one that represents your rich taste, your sweet spirit, & your playful personality.

Consider, some of the most prettiest rings are colored stones. Diamonds 💎 aren’t the only things that make a woman sparkle. These vintage-like gems are sure to captivate any onlooker with striking elegance.

While I really desire all of these, my fav of favs are  the fushia oval ring on the top right & lime green rectangle on the bottom left.

Which one is your favorite?


All images are from my pinterest board.

The Best Pink Girly Bags Ever


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I’m always in search of something pretty,  girly, & feminine. This time I wanted a bag. A lovely pink bag.  It doesn’t really how many bags I own, I still want another one. Is that bad?

I started & ended my search on Pinterest. Should I be looking elsewhere? What other sites may have a large collection of girly bags I could sort from? I have no idea, but I found the top 5 girliest handbags there.

Here are the results:

1. Chandelier Tote

2. Soft Melon Bag

3. Louis Vuitton Purse

4. Sheer Pearl Clutch

5. French Rose Bag

Do you agree they’re the best, or do you have a more girlier bag?