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I was meditating one evening, as often biblical characters have done before great significance occurs in their lives, & asked the Lord what He could show me regarding the Tabernacle of Moses and the Temples of Solomon, Zerubbabel, & Herod’s in regards to Femininity.

Did they really have anything to do with femininity at all?” I wondered. These great structures of Worship and Intercession, where functions and performance were dominated by the men set apart by God. Masculinity oozed from the Temples.


Still, I secretly believed that femininity could be perceived in all the duties of the court. This unexplainable assurance was birthed in me months ago; I just didn’t have the evidence. Last week, I asked the Lord if my theory was true. And then, He opened my eyes:

Remember the book I wrote on the 3 Levels of Femininity? If you haven’t heard of it, I categorize all the nuances and characteristics of Femininity in three distinct levels.

He recently showed me how each level relates to a particular glory of the Temples and what they symbolize. Then he showed me how a woman desiring to attain the highest level can do so by going through a simulation of an actual Temple ritual. I detail and describe this exact course a woman needs to take, to become totally and completely surrendered to Christ in Femininity. I also share what each function and furnishing symbolizes to the feminine girl. Here’s a digital copy of it.

Below are the associations He gave me for each level of Femininity:


1. Level One Girliness – relates to Solomon’s Temple

The first Temple to be built was done so by a experienced youth that had a heart to fulfill his purpose as role as king and judge with wisdom. Immature yet glorious, the king Solomon built this structure that many were impressed with. The Girly stage of Femininity, is the also first stage and is immature in its nature of being innocent, naive, and inexperienced. It’s pure desire is only to exist to reflect its own glory of loveliness.

2. Level Two Sensuality – relates to Zerubbabel’s Temple

This is the Temple that Ezra and Nehemiah records being rebuilt (by Joshua, Zerubbabel, and prophets of God), after the captivity of Israel. They did their best to resurrect what they formally had, while returning the people to the worship of their God, but it did not match the previous Temple’s riches. This is the nature of Sensuality. It tries to create something, but is not as pure as the former or later layers of Femininity. It’s purpose is for gain, whether selfish or altruistic.

3. Level Three Spirituality – relates to Herod’s Temple

The non-covenant king, Herod wanted to expand on Zerubbabel’s Temple adding luxury, treasure, & opulence to it. It was revered before its destruction. Never again was a Temple of this particular structure and elements were built. This imitates the highest level of Femininity as it has been matured by the other two levels, taking lessons from them, yet now creating a pure form of Femininity. It is the final stage of Femininity. Full of wealth, riches, and treasures of grace, sweetness, and beauty, this level of Femininity is connected to God.


The revelation the Lord shared with me waa just amazing! To know not only the Temples had an general association with Femininity; but to learn the rituals within the Temple could be applied to Femininity really astounded me! When I experienced it, it was life-changing. The kind where no other type of Femininity (goddess, sacred, divine, etc..) expressed by the world could offer. Feminine energy is all things things, but not The Thing. This is how we own our Femininity, experiencing one that is life altering for us – but who owns Femininity?

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