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Yes thousands, but I’ll only list 10 different ideas, that you can modify into even more ideas.


The beauty of a rose is not only for our observation. We can create even more beauty with roses. Especially since roses are used in 3 main forms, which are the flower, it’s powder, an essential oil.

1. Cooking:

Did you know Roses are edible? They belong to the subcategory of Rosaeceae called Rosoideae and share membership with strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries. You can garnish desserts with the rose or cook it with a savory dish.

2. Perfumery:

Rose scented parfum is a classic for feminine girls and making your own unique mixture is delightful. I’ve read quite a few ways to do it, including waiting several days before mixing essential oils with carrier oils and extenders, and dropping base, middle and top notes in mixture in increments of 10,5,5. Experiment, research the best way for you & have fun!

3. Petals:

Use the petals for a warm bath time soak it to sleep on at night. It will soothe the body, as well as your spirit.

4. Interior Design:

Using a variety of colors or species of hybrids that roses are seen in, you can add lovely moods to any room. See bottom for color meanings.

5. Journaling:

I enjoy finding fallen flowers, especially roses to take home. I wait for them to dry and put them in journals and boxes for pressing. This gives a lovely 3d design effect to any page of doodles.

6. Adornment:

Hair and clothing has been adorned by flowers for ages. Various colored roses
can be attached to a clip to put on the hair as well as on any article of clothing.

7. Artwork:

Working with mixed media on canvas, roses can be included in any project, whether you leave it in it’s natural state or spray it to change its color or add a gloss.

8. Products:

The scent of a rose in liquid tincture, pummelled powder, or soddened petal form can be added to any type of skin or hair beauty product. If you are going to adds other scents, oils, herbs, or ointments to your blend, make sure it harmonizes with the smell of roses.

9. Salts & Scrubs:

Bath salts & body scrubs will smell more classic feminine with roses. Besides the smell, it also has a lot of benefits for you as it is high in vitamin C, very moisturizing, can heal skin issues, restore suppleness, & relax your mind.

10. Gifts:

A bouquet of roses or a single rose can make a striking gift of great impression to any person no matter what the relationship is. Below is a mini legend of the meaning of different rose colors:

White – purity & marriage
Yellow – friendship & joy
Orange – passion & enthusiasm
Red – love & romance
Pink – admiration & appreciation
Purple – enchantment & beauty
Blue – mysterious & unattainable
Green – renewal & growth
Black – death of idea, concept, feeling, or relations

Which one of these will you try? Please send me pictures of your creations; I’d love to see what you do with them!