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F62C3770-3448-4D32-B013-52C3157EB112.jpeg(Written in celebration of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle, as he knew she was the one as soon as he first met her!)

This is the moment that some believing single women have waited for! It’s finally here! You’ve heard it prophecied to you, you’ve prepared yourself for it, and you’ve matured in faith in waiting for it. Yet today, you hear something new. The Holy Spirit has just told you, that you are about to meet your husband at 8:18 tonight. You quickly scan your brain about possible men you’ve seen, outfits you had planned to wear, and events you have recently scheduled. You realize you have nothing planned, don’t know what to wear, and have no clue who it is.

689FA13E-5291-4958-911A-35FAAA7EC425.jpegCould it be the guy you recently exchanged smiles with? Could a male friend call you last minute to go to a party? Did you dry clean your favorite dress last week? With all your rapid speculations, you realize God has his own plans for your life, as He always has, and you’ll discovery shortly what He has in mind.

F5699470-4895-498F-A4BC-5C7F335ED2EAUntil then you, again, must wait. But how will you wait, especially knowing tonight’s the night? What will you do with your time, having hours left? Where will you go right now? You decide to pray and plan. Comment below what you do next!

Thinking about this scenario, I sat down and jotted down everything I would do if I really knew I was meeting the one God has chosen for me:

B0FE9CDF-CAAB-42A7-9B9D-26A2F47D2534.jpeg1. Pray in tongues all day! Don’t laugh, I’m serious!! I need help just to stay calm and not botch anything!!!

2. Anoint myself. I’d whip out that anointing oil so fast and shakenly dab drops on my head, neck and wrists, symbolizing His grace, his will, his works upon me.

3. Bathe, Scrub, Moisturize. I’d bathe in haste, scrub my body with pink salts, & moisturize with a blend of rich oils on my skin. I want to GLOW!

4. Choose my best dress! Now which one is that??!

5. Organize my home! Right now I’m in the middle of renovation that took an unexpected turn (no surprise if you watched any home renovation show on HGTV). I’d have to hide half of the house and just say, “we just don’t go in that room,” Ugh!

6. Quickly brush up on my femininity. Sit nicely, stand curvy, walk pleasantly…etc. So I won’t freeze up & I’ll float on autopilot.

7. Rehearse relevant scriptures. I’d repeatedly quote scriptures dealing with God’s promises, like Psalms 23 and Luke 24:49.

8. Prepare a King’s gift. I know many women desire gifts from men, and I’m no different, but everybody brings a gift to the king! I’d give him something symbolic, like in the movie One Night with the King, Esther gave the king her prized necklace before he proposed to her.

Then hopefully I would be ready to meet him…so…What would you do??