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76F4EBD4-E1D8-41B0-834F-82E3878B8ED6If you share my name, you’re a branch, a tree, a topping on a pizza, a color, a skin tone, a restaurant, a fruit, an oil, an eye color and Popeye’s girlfriend. But is that really all to your name? If you want to explore your name deeper, keep reading!

Your name is your persona. People all
across the world seem to fit their names. Their last names, their first names, even their middle names; they appear to be exactly what the meaning of it is…

F42EB5B3-2833-4514-98A8-C4DD7F32598BIf you don’t already know, look into your name that you were given and examine it’s perceived personality traits as well as the root meaning of the name you were given. See if it lines up with who you are, and who you want to be. If you no longer want to be who you are, I would suggest seeking the Lord and changing your name. For “you shall be called by a new name, which the mouth of the Lord shall name.”~ Isaiah 62:2. Your Name is Your Destiny…


If you don’t have a girly name, to be more feminine, pick a sweet and sensual name. You don’t even have to legally change you name if you desire not to, but start going by your new name. Feel how it changes you, your nature, and your character. Introduce yourself to new people with that name and tell all the people you already know to call you by your new name. Be present and aware, reflecting on how you feel when someone calls you by this new name. Your spirit, soul, and body will respond favorably and in harmony if it fits you.


I want to know all the Olives out there,  if you go by Olive comment below! If you know an Olive, comment below. If you’re thinking about naming your daughter or son Olive, comment below. Share what people have associated you with and what your perspective is.


If your name is Olive, you might want to read my book all about you. Even if you aren’t an Olive, but you know one, you can purchase this book for them as a gift. It goes into depth about who you are, what that name means spiritually, and how you can participate in fufiling your destiny as an Olive.  It also reveals the secrets of olive oil since ancient times.


I’ve written it after hours of research and revelation from the Lord on the assignment attached to that name. If you’re expecting, you may want to consider if the Holy Ghost is leading you to name your child Olive or Olivia. Comment below to be notified when publication is released!


When I think someone is talking to OR about me….but they’re really saying:
*All of —
*All live,
*I love —
*Ah live