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And why I call myself the Feminine Princess. All those who associate and connect with this quest are also Feminine Princesses 🙂


There’s four types of Princesses:

  1. the ‘Disney Princess’
  2. a Nickname someone gives you
  3. the self proclaimed Princesses (illustration: Youtube)
  4. and then there’s the Real Princess

How does one qualify for each?



The ‘Disney Princess’ (about 14 total)

  • be Female
  • be Human (or humanish)
  • star in a Disney animated film
  • be an actual Princess (see real Princess below)
  • *note: almost all of them never perform a heroistic act

A Nickname

  • a Female likened to a princess, but is not an actual princess
  • can be used as a Compliment or an Insult
  • a Girl or Woman having the characteristics of one
  • or One called such for being a high ranking person in her sphere

The Self-proclaimed Princesses

  • Women and Girls whom label themselves as a Princess
  • a Gal usually living a lusher life than the average person
  • She commonly dresses like her ideal of princess’ garb, which could be based on Disney’s wardrobes or other garments generally accepted for a princess

Real Princess (either of these conditions)

  • a Woman, being the daughter of a King or granddaughter of a Sovereign, birthed into royalty
  • or a Woman whom marries a Prince
  • or a Female member of a royal family that does not reign
  • or a Woman whom has sovereign power and does a noble and great deed

Real Princess have extensive training and grooming to adjust them to their high level functionality and role in life. They are highly educated, know several languages, involved in multiple rare hobbies, learn proper etiquette, have great manners, understand various forms of address, always look impeccable, are good role models, support a cause or charity, know how to converse well in any situation, and are interested in arts & culture. Whew!


Do you consider yourself a princess? if so, which one?

This is why I call myself a Feminine princess:

  1. as a Believer:
    • I belong to a Spiritual Royal Family (The Father has made his son King of Kings seen in Deuteronomy 10:17 & I Timothy 6:14-15 ) and heir to Abraham, one of the first richest men on this planet (see Genesis 13:2 & Romans 4:13)
  2. in Femininity:
    • I perfect and polish my art & science that I might become high ranking in this sphere
  3. as His Anointed Maid-Servant:
    • this is my assignment from God, and He Himself bestowed this title upon me, before I was yet one ( I Samuel 9:16, 10:1, 16:1,3, 12-13 & I Kings 19:16)

Are you a Feminine Princess too? Join us!


Podcast on how “a Princess thinks”

Video on things a real Princess should do coming soon, follow so you wont miss it!

Photo Credit: Ali Pazani, Boluwatife, Tú Nguyễn, Bestbe Models