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True feminine women are moving with the flow of life. Her essence is to go along with the changes of moods, atmospheres, life cycles, & society. She is always adjusting herself to best fit the current situation and to present herself in the best light.


The nature of a man is a go-getter, to make things happen, to accomplish and succeed. He is the pursuer of things. This is an alpha, masculine male. He knows and operates in his role, just as a feminine woman does in hers.

She does not step outside of it.

She does not take upon his role.

She does not delight in being anything else, but feminine.

Feminine women attract their polar opposite, a masculine man, to the degree that she is feminine. If she lives from her femininity at the core, she will attract a masculine man. He will come. And He will come for her.

She doesn’t have to look for him nor does she have to manipulate a man into being with her. If she does, she is not trusting in her proper function and purpose. And she certainly isn’t being feminine.

The feminine one waits for him to arrive and to choose her. But this waiting is not an idle period. It is a time of reflection, reshaping, and reconditioning herself to best live with the man that finally appears. She may go to shows that he may be at, she may be seen by him in her girly work, or she may just be known by close friends for her great character, but she will be found.

When she is found, she will be ready to receive him, as he will see her as a refreshing flower to his thirsty soul…

Are you ready to receive your love? The one God has chosen for you? Or have you found him already?

Please share your experience with me…