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To all the Dolls, Cupcakes, Lovelies, and Beauties on this planet:

To be truly 100% feminine, one must become the ultra extreme in all aspects of femininity. Since there are a number of lovely attributes to femininity, it’s best to focus and master a few at a time.

If I were to choose the first characteristics to concentrate on, I would pick the chief quintessential traits of a feminine woman. There are 5 of them that pronounce your femininity to the world you live in:

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SOFT. If there is one word floating on the mind of an uber feminine gal, it is ‘softness’. She thinks soft in every thing she does. It’s the foundation to her every thought, movement, and action. She will speak softly, walk softly, and if you were to touch her, she would feel soft too. Keep this word on you mind throughout your day, and note how it will influence your actions.


DRESS. A women in her feminine essence is usually wearing a dress. Short or long, skirt or skort, she will be parading her beautiful legs across town. Dresses make her feel girly, young, and attractive. Many men, especially masculine ones prefer women in dresses than any other kind of clothing. Wear more dresses to experience new feelings and different reactions of others around you.


FREE. Unleashed freedom is in the heart of a feminine woman. She is free to move, free to express, free to dance, and free to explore. No emotion, circumstance, or person keeps her locked up from living life freely. Practice allowing yourself to be free. Don’t hold back your thoughts, don’t quench the urge to dance, and certainly don’t hide your feelings from those you love. Free yourself to be genuinely you.

GENTLE. When you observe the most feminine ones, you will see their movements are very gentle, no matter what they are doing. The reach for, hold, and put things away gently. They even sit & rise with such gentle grace, they appear as dancers as they do. Learn to do things with great gentle care, take your time, and be sweet!


WALK. There is not a woman on earth who lives in her femininity that has not perfected her walk. Her walk may be seductive, sweet, light, or girly, but it is perfected. Start by examining different types of walks and their possible meanings. Find models of the type of walk you want to have and practice in your room at home. Study how to turn, lean, pause, and walk in a straight line without looking weird.

If you are interested in more, I wrote a book on exploring your femininity, full of activities to get you to free your feminine core: http://amzn.com/B019X3WIWM.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these 5 traits of femininity and please share how they work for you or if you have focused on other aspects of femininity.