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A woman is seen by many: in her neighborhood, by strangers, at work, as well as by her family, which may include her parents, children, and husband. She has a high duty to present herself in the best light at all times for those depending on her as well as herself. If for once she doesn’t, and she could be a model of true virtue and ethics, but that one episode without discretion, especially in the public, could cause her to lose her credibly, reputation, and honor. Out of thousands of days of near perfect behavior, she would always be remembered by that ‘one incident’. Why is that so?

Since we probably will not come to a conclusion soon, I think it’s best for women to try to avoid having days that could stain their reputation. A good way is to keep away from things that cause a loss control, coherency, or good judgment. When these things are lost, a woman make decisions and acts in ways that are unseemly for her. Her UN-becoming of womanliness will tarnish her image and ruin the respect of others for her. Others view her at a disadvantage and some take advantage of her at this vulnerable time. Yes, this also makes a poor statement on those who do.

Whether it be drugs or alcohol, yes alcohol is a drug, she should not ever, not once, not even, touch that stuff.

I’ve conversed with many girls who have and regret it because it caused them to lose something precious to them. That precious thing varied per woman, but I hope you will learn from them and keep whatever it is that is precious to you. Don’t do it solely for religion, for family, nor even yourself, although these a good reasons too. But do it, because you have been given the high calling of being an exemplary woman to all in your sphere.

When I tell others I don’t drink alcohol, they think I’m religious and always bring up the fact that Jesus drunk alcohol too. Yes, it’s true, even He admits it (Luke 7:34) and makes that his first miracle (John 2:1-11). But there two things those quoters are ignoring:

1. There are 2 verses in the bible that support drinking and over 50 that reference it as unwise
2. Jesus gave up drinking. That’s right, He said he wouldn’t drink anymore till He got to Heaven and tasted ‘holy wine’ (Luke 22:18)

So that argument that Jesus did it, wont work with me. I will stand firm in my belief that alcohol should never touch a woman’s lips if she can help it. Have I drunk before? Yes. Do I regret it? Yes. Did anything happen? Thank God, No. But why do you regret it? Because I have tasted it, each time it did the opposite of what I expected, and plus it tasted nasty.

I’m so happy I was protected by the Lord from adverse things that could have occurred, until I could understand that drinking was not a choice I wanted to include into my lifestyle. I hope you will join me in my decision too.