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Privacy Policy:

If there is any information, known and unknown gathered by your visit to our site, it will not be shared, auctioned, sold, broadcast, or otherwise, by our hands to any other entity, person, or foreign object as long as we own rights to this website. If we ever spend 2 seconds on considering the selling of this site, there will be an announcement on social media as well as on this site, of how it may effect you. Until then, we have no intentions of doing so, and plan on keeping this site from generation to generation 🙂


I uses affiliate links in some of my posts, as well as other social outlets I use like my YouTube channel, which means I earn a small percentage when you purchase the item I suggest or recommend, just like earning a commission in a brick and mortar store by a salesperson who assists you in your buying process. I only choose items that I believe in and / or personally use, as well as have done extensive research on to bring you the best in that category. Purchasing these things doesn’t effect the price of the item, and at times may actually go on sale. You can help us cut down on our use of affiliates by donating to our mission to Glorify God through Femininity. Thank you!


“A Way on Dry Lands” by Olive Swan. Acrylic on Canvas. Can be purchased here.