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Traditionally, when a girl is born in America, she is surrounded pink or yellow in her room, on her clothing, and for her stuff, such as toys, blankets, cups, etc., while boys are given colors like blue and purple.

Why is that?

Is there a predestined path, order and status that each is determined to follow in this region?

Where did that originate from?

In my study of this matter, I found that some things were, on average, attached to one gender or the other. The communities and environment fostered what they understood to be a girls inclination and a boys inclination. And I, being a ‘free traditionalist’ in values, tend to agree with these distinctions.

So how does a girl differ innately from a boy?

I discovered some key distinctions in appearance, thoughts, personalities, habits, & goals. Of course, not everyone in the U.S. falls under this barometer, but I’ve found this to also be generally true in other nations as well.

Girls are…..

*Softer in appearance, look, and visage
*Curvier in shape, now matter what size
*Naturally prettier than boys šŸ™‚
*More expressive with their bodies, voice, and movements
*Very Creative in most, if not all, things
*Idealistic in daily living in future dreams
*Tender, gentle, & caring

Traditionally speaking, this is how girls are viewed. Unfortunately some of these beautiful distinctions have been blurred with the borrowing of masculinity. Knowing this, I am aware of the differences and choose to embrace and celebrate the femininity I was given.

I am a girl, and I am that girl, and I want to be a girl.

I want to perfect every part, idea, and gift of being a girl.

And as the French say when a discussion of how men and women are come up:

“Vive La Difference”! ( long live the difference! )