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Let’s say I have to rush out the house in 5 minutes for whatever reason. I am unshowered, with a bare face, uncombed hair, and dressed in sweats. The clock is ticking and I only have 4.5 minutes left. I were to pick one area of myself to beautify in that time, knowing what both men and women would examine the most when reading you, and considering the part of a woman that represents the glory God gave her the most, would be…MY HAIR!

I would spend the remaining 4 minutes doing my hair. Although many men say they notice a girls smile and eyes on her body first, he most certainly wouldn’t even look at her is her hair is unseemly. And sometimes he doesn’t see her front first anyway. It is from behind that a man notices her lovely hair and is curious to see her face. Chasing her down until he is satisfied with knowing whom this mysterious long dark haired beauty is. Women too, are moved by another’s beauty symbolized in her hair. She could have full makeup, great features, and nice body, but if her hair is undone, we could care more..

The hair on a woman’s head is a symbol of her soul. Tamable or untameable, wild & free or reserved & restricted, youthful or outdated, our hair tells others about our personas, attitudes, & perspectives on life. It shows them what we believe, what intensity to which we believe it & how to express that belief. Hair is the ultimate reflection of ourselves, our state of health, our creativity or lack thereof.

In this understanding, I spend the most time each day priming, prepping, styling, moisturizing, protecting, experimenting, beautifying, brushing, & conditioning my lovely hair, for myself and others šŸ™‚