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High Heels are not feminine…!

Before you throw your stilettos at me, please, let me explain.

You see the ‘high heel’ was originally created for men. That’s right FOR MEN around the world, to show higher status, to help ride animals, & to fight with weaponry. The shoes were bold, powerful, and masculine. Empires such as the Ottoman, Egyptian, Persian, Italian, & England all fortified its use into their culture & fashion.

Then the horrific happens:


Oh no!!! You mean to be more masculine,  women decided to WEAR HEELS?!!

Now fast forward to the period of where women wanted ‘equal rights’ and in order to bring women equality in the work force, women wore heels. They understood that the shoes did several magical things for them:

*puts them on the same height level as the average man

*makes up for the deficiency or difference in women compared to men

*gives them a sense of strength, power, & command

But we know femininity is soft, submissive, & sweet. It is also very gentle and unassuming. So due to its nature & purpose, femininity cannot be activated with high heels. Femininity accepts the role of a man being strong, powerful, & in command. She must be at his side as his compliment not his competitor.

Now, where does this leave us? I have plenty of heels, so what should I do?


I don’t know if I will donate them all, but I am sure of this: I not only feel more feminine without them, but men are less intimidated to approach me when I wear flats or a very low heel.

Until I figure out the best & generous way to dispose of my high heels, I will continue to wear tennis shoes,  flats, & low heels as I enjoy the company of masculine men 🙂


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