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Coupled with my latest video on “how to Pray Feminine” that shares ways you can Pray in a Feminine manner (see video below), I also published a fun workbook to accompany it! Yay!!

This book, Feminine Prayers AlephBet, is based on my prayer series, and goes through each of the 22 letters of the Hebrew AlephBet to symbolize a pictorial image with closely associated concepts. You will learn what they are and how Godly Feminine Woman can pray to the Lord according to the ideas these letters represent.


There are many activities, questions, and perspectives that are included for each letter! This book uses also expressive arts to solidify these concepts in your lifestyle and bring possible therapeutic benefits to your life♡ so… why… are… you… waiting?? Get it today!!

If you want a free copy, I am offering within the next seven days to ANYONE, who shares my video with 10 different and actual people, and each of them comment on it and like it, {but only if they really do 🙂 including yourself}, then I will send you a free copy in late July. This offer is limited to the first 10 people who do this, whom are put in a pool and the three random chosen ones will receive this book for free, shipping included only if you’re in the US.

Come, pray, and experience positive changes with me today!