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Dear Princesses,

Why do I connect with the title ‘the feminine princess‘, and not the feminine woman, the feminine chic, or even the feminine girl?


The reason calls us to look into the nature of a princess.

A princess is one who is the daughter to a king. One whom is heir to the throne, if unmarried and without brothers. A young woman that also has access to her father’s wealth, as long as she lives in his kingdom.


If you are a believer, then whether by blood and faith, or faith alone, you are adopted by God, our Heavenly Father, and belong to His family. And if adopted, then a daughter and heir in His kingdom.


Remember as Jesus/Yeshua is the firstborn, we have been adopted into a royal family, priesthood, a peculiar nation.

A feminine princess is one who represents her Royal Father when he’s not present, making her an ambassador of his territory and rulership.


As his daughters, we have also access to our Father’s wealth. Look at your life and examines if it lines up with this concept.

*Are you representing Him well at all times?
*Are you believing in the principles of His kingdom?
*Are you following the protocol of a wealthy nation?
*Are you accessing the wealth that you have a covenant right to?


If one isn’t, it’s either because of ignorance, not realizing it’s available or it’s because one is still under the tutelage of the Father and is not yet ready to handle it as a spiritual adult.

As we become more aware of how the Kingdom of God operates, we must prepare to take our rightful place in it.


Once we pass in to the stage of readiness, we will have access to everything in the kingdom, as it’s His good pleasure to give us the kingdom.

If you fall into one of the two reasons above and are not yet accessing great wealth in your life, I would suggest that you read the gems that He has given me to share with his people in order to access this wealth. I’ve created a duo and am working on the third, to complete the trilogy of jewels for mastery of finances, as well as other riches and treasures of wealth only for those in the Kingdom of God.


Why the exclusivity? Because I’m not an expert in any other kingdom. I am unfamiliar of the rules, customs, and protocols of other kingdoms. I don’t know how to succeed anywhere else but in His Kingdom.

Take a look below for the pearls to access the wealth in His Kingdom.


Click HERE for above book!


Click HERE for above book!

Please share with me what treasures you know about wealth. Are you accessing the riches of God?

Love 💋,
The Feminine Princess