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I’ve heard and sensed many women feeling so unfeminine these days. What can do they, they wonder, to be more feminine?


Of course, one can always ‘do many things’ to appear feminine. But the feeling persists as they long for something deeper, lasting, & natural.


True femininity emanates from the core for a woman and that means from her pelvis. Since the part of her that differs from a man lives in her reproductive system, her power lies within her hips.


A precious family member taught me, whenever you lack something you OVERcompensate for it, until it becomes a part of you.


By personal experience, I can vouch 100% that this works to activate your core energy.


Read my free e-book on how to become feminine fast to activate your feminine energy from the core. Concentrate on your womanly power in your hips with everything you do, your walk, your movements, & your still positions. You will then begin to see a natural feminine energy growing in strength inside of you.

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