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A feminine woman takes care of her body and her environment. She makes sure everything is operating at an optional level, for she is a woman of excellence. She learns, trains, and shares how to be healthy at home, in the body, and with one’s appearance.

Below are the best ways to maintain great health in every area of your life. If you haven’t mastered all of these yet, don’t fret. Just incorporate them little by little into your life and soon they’ll become naturals habits.

Please be aware any company can legally use the word organic, and the product not have anything organic inside. It must be certified organic for it the have organic contents.

Skin – Appearance


Only use Products with~
No Mineral oil
No Parabens
No Talc
No Silicones
No Alcohol

Experiment with natural skin care and make up lines, click here for a beginners list, and type the password ~ lovely ~. If you don’t see your favorite, please comment below!

Home – Upkeep


To clean, dust, & polish, use natural solutions and brands.

Eliminate plastic items, especially if you can smell them! They are the unhealthiest, such as car mats, doormats, rolling chair mats, water containers, water bottles, etc. Use glass containers to store your food. Check for plastic rating number on merchandise here.

Health – Body


For extreme internal health take the edible Calcium Montmorillonite Clay, load up on minerals, eat a rainbow (colorful plate of food) diet, and eat:

No whites: sugar, flour potato
No microwave usage
No Mercury (fillings in mouth)
No Mercury (highest found in all tuna fish)

No corn syrup
No high fructose
No gmos

No fluoride (research it…)

No dairy (we are not cows so we don’t need nutrients from one. You wouldn’t drink other animals’ milk, would you?)

No pharmaceutical medications, but if absolutely necessary, don’t stay on them for long periods of time

Do use herbs, organic foods, and vitamin powders to treat any ailments

Do you have any other suggestions I missed?