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Here are 8 of the most exotic songs every Feminine Girl should have in her playlist & dance to:

1. Khasa share’ al – habib for Nagwa Fouad


Khasa share al habibi is a beautiful, soft, feminine, but playful melody that makes you want to belly dance!

2. Ana albi elik mayyal (My Heart Favors You) by Hossam Ramzy


Ana Albi Elik Mayyal is a very sensual girly tune that makes you want to twirl in happy tranquility.

3. Law Bass Fe Eyne (If he looks in my eye) by Cyrine


Law Bass Fe Eyne is a lovely slow tempo song about a strong passionate crush she has on this unknown man believing with one look from him, he’ll know all.

4. Fi Hagat (There are Things) by Nancy Aram


Fi Hagat is sweet & sour girly girl reflection on her relationship that is lacking things that would please her. Until things change she suffers in silence.

5.  Mahtaab (Moonlight) by Niyaz


Mahtaab is one of the best sensual sounds from an exotic land of a forlorn lover, whose beauty, youth, & love were taken for granted by her man, reminding us to value each other.

6. Barefoot by Ofra Haza


Barefoot is a soft ballad with a haunting sweet voice…lyrics in English have yet to be found.

7. Khatar by Solace


Khatar is a circular tunnel of eastern instrumental delights accented with feminine rhythmic verbal beckonings.

8. Nay Solo by Hamouda Ali


Nay Solo is one of the most feather-like sounding, sensual bellydance songs that would please the lover of any dancer.