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How to dress, to represent the King your Father, like a princess..

As I walk down the street, sometimes I notice beautiful or pretty women that if they would make one or two small changes to their appearance or attitude or behavior, they would be a showstopper. So this page is dedicated to them, a list of top 7 things that I noticed that would help improve them tremendously for many reasons:

1. Wear a bright color, esp near your face


2. Try vintage or modern feminine or girly hairstyles & not a ponytail 75% of the time


3. Walk softer, slower, & sweeter


4. Save the dark, oversized, faded clothes for your solitude times indoors


5. Please don’t reveal your butt pongs to the world

IMG_0159& this is tame compared to what I normally see…

6. Try to add jewelry to your look, even if your running errands. If you’re not a jewelry wearer, invest in some small, attractive, neutral, womanly, studs.


7. Ditch the pants or leggings and go for a flattering dress