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Every girl want to know what is at the heart of every man. They appear to be alien to us as they speak different a language, operate at different a frequency, & live with a life different code. They are hard to decipher, since they are so much different from us, which make them very delicious!

But what do they what?

We know what we want: love, security, protection, & a never ending shopping spree!

Yet men are a mystery to us, as we are to them. But I’m happy to share that I found out their secret. Yes, my lovely ones, I have poured over many male&female relation-ship materials: books, sites, movies, songs, poems, & interviews.

And so I uncovered it.

I discovered that, although each man is different and will have different goals, focuses, & mannerisms, they are share a set of basic wants.

Once you discover these wants, you can begin to have a better relationship, conversation, and interaction with them, since you will understand the basis of their existence with us. Men want a lot of things, not unlike us women, but I will concentrate of the top 5 critical wants of many men.

5 To be successful ~ a man’s definition of himself is often defined by how successful he believes he is. He wants to accomplish great things in his own eyes. It could be getting that promotion, winning a trophy, or signing a major client to his company.
4 To be needed ~ men just need to be needed! They need to feel their existence is worth something to the person they care about the most. Whether you ask him to help with understanding a complex concept or pulling something off a high shelf, needing him gives his self worth around you an extra boost.
3 To be respected ~ while women crave to be loved, men need to be respected, by his family, his community, but especially by his lover. He wants to feel that his life , his decisions, his capability of being a man & taking care of business is highly respected. You can show him respect by allowing him to take the reins, made decisions, great or small, & choosing to follow his direction willing & cheerfully. Compliment him on good choices he makes concerning himself or for you.
2 To be honored ~ the best ones to show a man the honor that makes him feel like he can fly over any mountain, are the ones in his own immediate family. Treating him special due to his own uniqueness empowers him to be a great man. It bolsters self esteem, self confidence * self worth, in his mind, spirit, and soul. Watch any environment change to favor those who honor any man.
1 To be admired ~ look at any thing a man has accomplished or overcame, no matter how tiny or enormous. Whichever it is, magnify it in his presence. Genuinely appreciate him for whatever he has done to achieve any thing at any time in his life.

Can you think of anything that you believe men really want?

Share it with me in the comments below!