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It’s easy to find out what men want, but to give it to them precisely in the uniqueness of their individuality, takes skills. Every man wants something that differs from other men, as each one is specific & has individual needs. But there are some general agreements that the following things are inherit in most men.


Our appreciation~
Men love it when we appreciate anything they do for us. From grand to small or little to big, it makes them feel good about doing something for you when you show genuine thankfulness towards them.

A safe place to open up~
Every man needs a nurturing nest to go to, when the harshness of this world beats against their soul each day. They want to come home to a place that they can rest, have peace, regenerate their spirits, & reveal their secrets.

Hidden gem(s) discovered in him~
Every one wants to feel unique, especially to the person they love & care about. When you draw out, magnify, & celebrate attributes in your man, he takes notice & beams inside. He feels good & thinks you’re special for acknowledging something lovely that others don’t. It could be anything that other men do not have, or don’t do, or are not.

Shown a deeper love~
Men want to experience love that they cannot get from their parents, their male buddies, or a child. They want a woman who is not afraid to love them. The type of love that is not afraid to reach out first & fully, while sinking past the surface, in order to share deeper emotions of love, kindness, tenderness, gentleness, & affection. This love shares loving thoughts & demonstrates loving behavior, at all times.

To be around a confident woman~
A woman who believes & knows she has something no other woman has is powerful. She accepts her imperfections as her unique trademark, which frees her to be able to enjoy sharing her true talents with her man. She isn’t insecure to the point of debilitation neither is she a nuisance toward other women. She simply is…radiating confidence!