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I am NOT that salad girl…

Ok… We women have heard it from many men! They hate it when a girl they’re dating orders the salad and barely eats it. Well I’ve got the share something with you:

I am NOT that salad girl.

When I am fortunate to be graced with a man’s presence on a date, I give him the pleasure.

The pleasure of me eating meat
The pleasure of ordering for me
The pleasure of finishing the whole plate
The pleasure of being myself when I eat food
The pleasure of not demanding the most expensive, yet not choosing the cheapest
The pleasure of not telling him what he should & shouldn’t order
The pleasure of just letting him be him

You see I come to the date HUNGRY. And therefore, the man sees my food choice as realistic & acceptable, since it is what a normally choose. He knows it wont change later on. He learns that…

I am NOT that salad girl

I thought about my thoughts and almost titled this post ‘what women should order on a date’. Then I thought: what if there are some women allergic to meat, or worse, all foods except salads? What if for dietary or medical or religious reasons, they cannot eat whatever they want? What if they genuinely like..*gulp*…salads?

As the shock of my revelations calmed down, I realize that I can accept this. I will not ask them to change to please the man that can’t stand the salad ordering girl. But as for me, my house, & men that want to date me, I proudly declare that:

I am NOT that salad girl