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Recently, I found & read something surprising on a blog and then about a current young girl movement. They explained why they are emphatically against being labeled as, of all things, ‘exotic’. Their sentiment seems to stem from the word used to describe a particular the category of inanimate living things like animals, plants, fruits, or flowers. Therefore, it appeared degrading to them to be termed as such.

Yes, I agree with the freedom to think, feel, & form an opinion about anything in this world of ours. So I have no argument against those girls & young women, who feel this way. What one perceives, is, what one perceives..

Yet, as for me, I have an affinity with this word EXOTIC…

It is defined as very different, strange, unusual, & Mysterious…

In addition, something exotic is also seen as from another part of the world or from a foreign place.

Well, according the John 18:36, I AM EXOTIC!

Jesus answered, “My Kingdom is not of this world; if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight,….”

Because the Son of Man is my King, I belong to his Kingdom. And not of this world.

Truly, exotic-ness to a person is relative to the environment he or she lives in, like accents or produce. It is also a point of view. So, as a feminine woman, I personally don’t mind being grouped in with the flowers & fruits. Women have ALWAYS been associated with these things since the beginning of time, along with various types of foods or spices..


We are known as peaches, cherries, berries, & limes. Men refer to us as pumpkins, honey, sugar, & syrups! And aren’t we the roses, violets, and tulips of a man’s heart?


Oh, do think of me as Exotic!

There are many facial and physical features some people find exotic, like sharp cheek bones, coarse hair, sexy round eyes, & bubble butts, but I prefer my spirit be exotic above these. I desire to come from foreign lands & realms, to tell tales of special kingdoms forgotten by men. I want to share the native intangible gifts my presence brings to any person willing to embrace me. I love to be extra-ordinary, to deliver refreshment to anyone’s mundane lifestyle.

I breath to embody the EXOTIC.

Please tell me you aren’t offended by this & that you have another perspective on this word as well.