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tiny kiss

If you want a near symmetric smile and clear diction, do the exercises prescribed below regularly. This series of 3 parts were compiled from suggestions of professionals working in various aspects of a related industry, such as radio disc jockeys, speech therapists, & voice coaches. We can all improve in the area of intonation, voice, & mouth/lip control.


Oral skills for proper speech & development:
1. Massage your gums
2. Brush or press different objects of shapes, textures, & scents across your lips, cheeks, & tongue
3. Exaggerate and round your mouth to make these vowel sounds:
a. Ooo
b. Eee
c. Ooo-eee
4. Make ‘Puh’ sound, popping the P to emphasize, Tuh sound, & then Kuh sound
5. Kiss kiss, now hold and move it to the L to R and back again
6. Blow, either by whistling or using an instrument
7. Sip through a straw
8. Keep your lips together as you contract the cheeks
9. Smile big
10. Keep your jaw still as you say ‘lalalalala’
11. Put the tip of your tongue behind your upper teeth and hold it
12. Repeat these letters:
a. Ttttt
b. Nnnnn
c. Ddddd
13. Use your tongue to:
Move the tip from left to right of the inside of your mouth with your mouth closed
a. Make circles to trace your lips, either on the outside or inside
b. Stick it out as far as you can and curl it up & down
c. Form your mouth in a perfect ‘O’ shape and circle your head in both directions while holding it
14. Speak the following words and sounds 5x:
a. Buttercup
b. Lollipop
c. Rocketship

Want a video for demonstrations? Let me know…