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Sometimes it’s overwhelming to mature in all the nuances of becoming a natural woman at once. From dress to movements & character to spirit, there is a lot of work to do!

But you can make your journey easier & quicker by living in feminine energy. This is achieved through your thoughts. When you daily think FEMININE, it become a subconscious part of you.

At that moment, you make the transference from actively & consciously working on it, to innately & subconsciously being it….how lovely!

There are many fun ways to incorporate femininity into your day. Here are four ways, taken from my book the 39 Elements to Femininity:

~Place the most softest images in front of you each day. Put them in a place where you dwell in and/or look at the most. Here are great illustrations:

femme art.jpg


~Listen to at least 3-5 *beautiful* songs every day. Something romantic or sensual, serene or nature-like, harmonic or celestial, & epic or mellow, to alter any harshness encountered with your day, with your environment, with your past, and/or with your circle of friends.

My favs are:

1. Micha El ~ The Image of God ~ Aramaic
2. Axiom of Choice ~Turquoise Island – Farsi ( I believe )
3. Hossam Ramzy ~ Tool Omri Ba-Hebbak ( I loved you all my life ) ~ Arabic

~Watch movies with the classiest women & watch how they move and respond to stimuli around them. Imitate them in a mirror to make sure you are doing it precisely like them.

I recommend Funny Face (1957), Belle (2013), & One Night with the King (2006)

~Practice making *lovely* sounds every day. You can speak the most loveliest words into your conversations, make ooos or ahhs, practice playing a soft instrument, like a flute, hand cymbals, violin, or mimic various cute animals utterances.

The words I love to use in my interactions are ‘fluffy’,’ lovely’, & ‘marshmallows’.

Taking a small amount of time out of your day of 24 hours, & really about 16 waking hours, it is possible to interweave most of these elements into your day or even once a week, since the movies are about 2 hours long šŸ™‚

If you would like more information, check out my book*, where I prescribe 39 elements for you to unleash your femininity within 5 weeks.

*Available on kindle &Ā print.