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A Feminine Woman must have a euphonious voice in order to harmonize with the rest of her girly-ness. A woman who is maturing in her femininity but sounds brash, roaring, grating, piercing, or whining in her speech, will not be desirable to be around. And femininity is mainly about creating a space and atmosphere of desire.

Desire to love, desire to nurture, desire to be…

Men love to hear a Femme who sounds lovely and lilting. If she purrs, whirs, sighs, hums, murmurs, and whispers, he will find her delightful company! For these reasons, if you as a feminine woman, do not already sound this way, we must get to work of your voice immediately!

In order to have a sweet euphonious voice, we should look at terms to describe the quality of sound. I turned toward musical lexicon to do so. Here are a few of the most essential parts of great sound quality:

*Pure ~ your throat must not be coated with dairy products in order to produce a pure sound
*Tune ~ you must find to right level range for you voice to operate in, if you go to high or low, you will place stress on your vocal cords
*Pitch ~ your voice creates high , low, or flat frequencies in sound waves; find a comfortable yet feminine one for your distinct voice
*Focus ~ you must not be distracted with other ideas and thoughts when you speak, keep all your energy on the current topic and you will sound more compelling
*Octave ~ your voice makes pressures in bands of notes and its important to again find your right range for your voice
*Volume ~ you must choose the appropriate occasions to raise or lower your voice
*Softness ~ your voice should have some level of softness to it and not harshness, which signals danger-stay away
*Energy ~ your voice’s unique rhythm, syllable stress, use of intonation, and adding pauses to your speech
*Clarity ~ your voice should clearly and sharply shape your words
Inflection ~ your voice’s ups & downs in sounds of your language
*Harmony ~ how your voice bring these sound elements as well as other parts of you ( mind, body, spirit, & soul ) together as one

If you approach each one of these and seek to perfect them in our voice, you will have great resonance with others and create a pleasant response in their moods & actions toward you.

Now go and create mellifluous sounds with your internal instrument and great wonder called the VOICE!