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Dear Feminine One,

Has anyone ever told you…need to learn to dance?

It is imperative that you start you journey to mastering the Art of Dance at once!

You are naturally an artist, a creator of life, & a nurturer of love..so  what better way to express these intricate & complex concepts than through dance?

Every feminine woman should be able to dance, and dance well. It must become part of her spirit, her essence, her presence. Her soul needs to express her joy, her emotions, & her pleasure of life through her body, her movements, & her motion patterns.

Besides another channel of feminine expression, there are 5 benefits to you dancing on a regular basis:

1. Heightened Sensuality – you become more aware of your senses, & how to use your body with such grace & elegance & flirtation


2. Better Coordination – you learn to move your body parts in harmony that blends into a beautiful creative motion for the viewer


3. Graceful – you perfect the action, range, & appearance of each of your movements while simultaneously balancing your body with gravity

4. Having Admiration – you gain the attraction of men who are sensitive to women who can move their bodies in synchronized ways since they are in accord with, appreciate, & accept their own bodies

5. Getting Exercise – you tone, strengthen, & utilize different muscle groups to increase overall health & well being

Feminine One, you must start dancing several times a week to start seeing these benefits.

There are many dances you can choose to study, as long as they are feminine in style and movement. This means girly moves, graceful poses, & fluid movements. If you seek a masculine man in your life, do not to excel in masculine styles, as this will bring more masculine energy to your core and upset the polar magnetism you want to have with a masculine man. This style means jerky, quick, strong, robotic, and confrontational dances. Great dance choices to celebrate & enhance your feminine energy are: ballet, belly dance, jazz, lyrical, & modern.

*all photos in this post taken from pinterest & can be found on my dancer board