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Amidst all of the Male Prophets we grow up learning about, did you know that there were also Women recorded in history as Prophets? That’s right! Among the Major & Minor Prophets as Recorded in their Self-Named Books, like Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, & Daniel, we have EIGHT Female Prophetesses. Gives new thought to women not speaking up in a religious atmosphere, doesn’t it??

Even though 1-4 “verses” or lines were written about each one, we can learn much from those few words about their character, as well as the historical time they lived in.

But first test – Can you guess who they were?

  1. Who was the sister of a major Old Testament Prophet that was also the first recorded Praise Team Leader?
  2. Who were the four unnamed Woman Prophets?
  3. Which female Prophetess was also a Judge in Israel?
  4. Which Prophetess from the tribe of A’ser, spoke over the child Jesus?

Answers at the bottom!



Exodus 15:20-21 – Miriam – we know her as a dancer, a singer, and an instrumentalist (she played the Tamborine), she also also prone to jealously over her brother, but most of the time obeyed the Lord’s authority

Judges 4:4 – Deborah – this woman was know for the place she dwelled, under a tree, as people came to her continually for judgement in Israel, and she led the people in a victorious war over their enemies and sung about it afterward

II Kings 22:14 – Huldah – while dwelling in a college, she had connections in constant conversations with high level people, like the priests & the wardrobe keeper’s wife and she was well-respected

Luke 2:36-38 – Anna – it is said she as a older woman of great virtue, served God by fasting and prayers ever day and night, so she could see the Lord clearly when he arrived in Jerusalem

Acts 21:8-9 – 4 Virgin Daughters – as some of the disciples with Paul lodged temporarily with Philip, known as the evangelist, it was noted that his daughters were reputed to be not only chaste but prophetic in their role in the region

These woman are historical proof that the female gender was also respected in the role of a Prophet. The Lord Himself, whom sent them to proclaim, announce, and expose things, was with them. He spoke to them and did not let one of their prophecies be untrue.

Those, usually men whom are very religious and strict by ancient law, already fulfilled (not eradicated, but fulfilled), who said a woman cannot and should not speak in the ‘church’ in quoting one Scripture, not with full knowledge of the culture, custom, and answers to a concern at one time in history, should realize that before there was a ‘church building or religious gathering‘, God sent WOMEN to SPEAK on HIS BEHALF to PROCLAIM very important matters of direction, truth, & encouragement over a NATION, the children of Israel. God Bless the Women..


Answers to quiz:

  1. Miriam
  2. the 4 virgin Daughters of Phillip the evangelist
  3. Deborah
  4. Anna
Image by Thuanny Gantuss