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With all the talk about being isolated, stuck and quarantined, I think one needs to stay mentally healthy during this time as equal to, if not more than, one’s physical health. 
Here are some ways to do that:
1. Study a topic you’ve always wanted to learn more about. They’re are now numerous online FREE classes you can take from universities, apps, and organizations. Take advantage while it’s available. Do a search online to find the perfect one for you.
2. Make your environment more excellent by keeping everything cleaned deeply, organized well, and neatly designed. Maybe do some low cost redecorating to make your space more suitable for full time at home living. Look on Pinterest or Youtube for ideas.
3. Take time to be present with your immediate family, to fully experience their presence, and engage in their lives. Research ways to spend unique time with them.
4. Develop & invest in yourself and character. Do you need to forgive anyone? Are you envious of someone you know? Have you purposely done any one harm, whether great or small? Time to purify yourself of any evil within & have God cleanse you with His goodness. Prayer, mediation, and reading HIs Word will help you do this, as well as asking the Holy Spirit to bring to your attention things you need to perfect in yourself.
5. Make new friends online. Humans were created for social connections and need them more so during this time. Find the best social media outlet for you and befriend someone or many!
6. Create something. Pick up any dormant talents you have. If it’s valuable to others, you may have just made a side gig for yourself.
will help you
be successful
in these current times..
And if you are really want a meticulous way to rule your day, watch this!
What are you doing to Sharpen, Polish, Perfect yourself during this time?
Because when things surely change again, will you be ready?
Photos by Giftpundits, Gustavo Fring, Andrea Piacquadio, Bruce Mars,Craig Adderly