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I recently saw that my podcastthe Art & Science of Feminity, has a 3 star review. When I looked closely to discover why I received that rating, I discovered I had one:


and the other:


I was so elated!!

This meant I did not have two 3-star ratings!

I did not have two people that said ‘I feel lukewarm about her‘.

Instead, I had two very passionate people saying two different things:

I really love her material and feel it has value my life!


I really do not vibe with her content at all.

Whew! That is so much better than being labelled as lukewarm. I rather have people love me or hate me, but never so-so or lukewarm about me 🙂 Those raters made my day!!

Although….if I’m not feeling someone’s show, if I know it’s not for me, I just click off or find one that is. Personally I do not want to hurt someone’s online presence, even if I feel they are wrong, because I know it’s gold to others trusting in you and their info might be for someone else out there.

So I don’t understand the reason I received a one star? Especially when I pour my time talent and heart into everything I do, unless that rater may be a Feminist. If so, I don’t understand why they’d tune in to listen to my show, unless they are ready to go Feminine! But we currently have freedom of choice, so I digress….I’m just so relieved that someone does connect with my show and that I didn’t get 3 stars from two people.

What’s your opinion on this?


images by Pixa Alex, Geralt