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3F755995-45EE-4A7E-AD11-7D7918FDCF2F.jpegAgain, another set of events led me to seek wearing less makeup. It wasn’t the plethora of girls on YouTube proclaiming that the Lord revealed to them how it’s defined & to stop wearing it. It wasn’t when I discovered the book of Enoch recorded that a spirit taught women in Earth how to apply makeup. It wasn’t that I felt insecure without it. 

I simply started my no makeup journey when I had a skin reaction for weeks that led me to avoid putting anything on my skin. 

I’ll admit, it was rough. I felt bare & unattractive. I believed color made me beautiful. I also felt if I didn’t fill in my brows, I looked weird and translucent. 


I discovered later, the no make up movement that Alicia Keys started & was intrigued. Then I  got married & wanted to look attractive without having to rush to the bathroom to apply lots of makeup. Next, I stumbled on a girl on YouTube doing a no make up look tutorial and thought, that’s what I need to explore.


Since I don’t feel like makeup is a way to mask or conceal myself (the nature of femininity is to fully be yourself) & I don’t apply tons & tons of it on myself (I like a natural look without drama), I don’t feel convicted when wearing it, but I do believe God is leading me to wear less of it and to accentuate a more naturally created beauty. He may in the future, ween me off of it. As the preparer that He is, I know by that time, if that’s His calling for me, I will be completely prepared and rested in a totally  natural self.

How do you feel about wearing or not wearing make up?