At last, it is here. And it may be the last one I publish in a while… The book that speaks to Olives and Olivias across the globe! If you know one, or are thinking of naming your child an Olivia or Olive. Read this book first, to understand the meaning behind the name, and why it’s rare and precious to God. Engage in the most fun, challenging, and stimulating activities and reflections to encourage creativity, while discovering and developing who you are, on this planet of 7.7 billion people.



Learn about the process of olive oil as well as read thought provoking questions for your personal development. Anyone interested in the anointing will love this book! Here’s an excerpt from this book:



Olive also sounds like א , aleph, which is the first letter of the Modern Hebrew alphabet. Since it’s similar in phonetics, by extension Olive can also can mean א. It symbolizes strength, leadership, and the first in a collection of things. If a person is named Olive, it means he or she is also one who is ahead in life. She or he is a natural leader in her or his circles and is usually on the cutting edge of things. If the person is not, he or she isn’t living up to their potential. Of course, once the person is made aware of this revelation, and desires to cooperate with it, he or she will quickly rise to the top. 

Get your copy today of over 100 pages about you! This book has over 50 creative prompts to help you grow. It also includes an opportunity to participate in a bigger project! If you know, or are, an Olive or Olivia, please comment below and tell me the one word you would use to describe yourself. Share this post with a friend name Olive or Olivia!