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‘What You Should Take When You Travel’  or  ‘What I wish I took when I went on a trip’


It’s time to travel again and I so need this vacation yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Fortunately, I made a list of what I should’ve packed the last time I traveled. I’m sharing this with you, so you won’t make the same mistake if you’re not a regular traveler, but enjoy travel like me.


I thought I packed everything! But when I arrived at my destination, I realized I needed more than I brought… travel light they always say. Well I believe in travelling prepared!


*what I packed:


*what i should have packed:


Ugh! I cannot express to you in words how much I REALLY needed each of those items..

*what i will pack, this time:


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CB0A5E0E-9EB8-43B6-9CA9-5CDBB1E88FC6  Since I’m a natural girl, I cannot use most of the products on the market. So I make my own!  I have to bring regular size because I go through them like water…


Because I enjoy journaling & reading!

What do you have to pack when you travel??