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Is anyone else like this?

I feel like I’m the only one who does this, yet I’m open to the possibility that you might do it too.

I am a book lover. I love books.. Books have been my part of my world since I was a small child girl. I really owe my love of reading to my mother. Since I was small, she always made trips to the library fun. She read to me and help me read for myself. Whenever there were book orders through my school, I would always order several books.


There’s a saying in my family, that if you know how to read, you can learn to do anything. And it’s true. And books contain so much wisdom… Books have also helped me develop my vivid imagination. And I travel a lot through books. Add wisdom and imagination together and you get a lot of knowledge…

When I speak to frequent travelers, it appears that I have traveled more intensely than they have, only due to my active reading. Learning with passion, enthusiasm, and hunger can take you farther than any limitation in this world.


Looking at how I read books now, and I don’t recall how long I’ve been doing this, maybe since college..(come to think of it, college is probably what trained me to do this), but how I read books is:

1. I gather various topics / genres that I want to read about

2. I don’t pick one and read it all the way through (which is how everyone I know does it.)

3. I  proceed to read several books at once, a little bit at a time

Even up to eight!

Am I the only one who does this? There’s just so much to learn and explore that I cannot limit it to one book at a time!

That certainly is not linear. And when I think about it nothing in my life has been linear. I don’t even think God is linear. He deals with everything and cycles and circles. Just look at the planetary system and our seasons.


Sometimes I wish I could just pick up one book and read it all the way to the end. But there’s just too many that call my name at the same time. Is there something wrong with me? Or is this acceptable?

Now I also have two types of notetaking for my books. The first is I draw out the concepts I’m learning for a better memory and just because it’s so fun. The second is I get several colored pens or markers and highlight different things in the book for different reasons. See below for an Illustration, pun intended.

Here’s a picture of all the books I’m currently reading…How do you read books?


Sorry, my dog always enjoys being in all my photographs and videos!