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How to be Feminine in a society that promotes over-ambitious, aggressively competitive, & overtly sexual Women?

My personal conviction in 5 steps:


1. Stand firm in your Feminine strength, energy, and spirit. The Father gave you these traits innatel.  Believe in the power & validity of your gifts as a woman and allow no one to bully or dissuade you, unless you decide to change a faucet of yourself.  Be not ashamed nor embarrassed in what you were created to be!


2. Respect other opinions and decisions of women that don’t want to be feminine. Diversity in society keeps life interesting and it also allows our difference to be more pronounced.  We can learn and have relationships with everyone, as long as people are being their authentic and true selves without offending others. You will also gain the  respect of others, as you respect them too.


3. Find others of like-minded spirits in order to stay sharpened and rooted in your feminine  identity. Make friends, create a support group, and / or have get-togethers where you can share in girly like activities. (Join my new feminine community here!)


4.  Mastery is only achieved by perfectly practicing a skill. If you make a daily habit to perfect femininity,  you will constantly be immersed in it, and it will become natural for you to always respond in feminine ways, even in adverse environments.


5. Make a blueprint or strategy on how to carry out your feminine activities. For instance, my plan of practice is categorized by the day of the month, in which I spend time doing exercises in each feminine focus. See below:




Are you interested in my whole blueprint? I’ll be making a course out of this soon! If you would like to learn, join our FTP community here and opt in to the perfection feminine course.

How are you staying rooted in your femininity,  with all the political and personal changes in society involving gender identification and personality redefinition?