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Dancing can be therapeutic…. There are soooo many types of dances too, to gratify every taste. But as a feminine-spirited girl, only the most sensual dances appeal to me. The Ancient Eastern Dances are the only ones that now appeal to me, but it wasn’t always that way.

I grew up dancing in church. And I mean literally, not figuratively! When I was a young girl, my family took me to a church and as soon as the drums started pounding for the church band, my mother had to grab me to hold me still; I had jumped out the pew in front of everybody and started moving my body to the beat. Her hands were clasped around my waist and stomach, but I didn’t care; I was still dancing.

Here’s a picture of my mom and I, around the time that occurred:

pretty beauty mom.jpg         look up moi.jpg

Since then, I learned how to dance jazz, hip hop, pop n lock, wave, house, and step. Exactly 18 years ago, I took my first belly dance class. That lasted for three months, because it started to get too expensive at the time, but in that little time I soared.

Everything changed from that moment on. I never forgot about belly dancing and the exotic rhythms I heard. Shortly after, I began to fantasize about getting a group together and performing. That’s when I knew it penetrated my DNA. I started teaching myself the art by learning from great classic dancers. Since then I’ve performed & taught privately. Today, I am still studying to improve this beautiful art-form.


Doing research for my current class, I decided to share with you all the benefits that dancing can do for you. Especially now, since I recently became an expressive arts consultant.  For those that don’t know what that is: expressive arts is the practice of using the process of making art, not for the sake of the end result (a creation), but to help people transform, change, and improve their lives as they create. If you are interested in learning more click here.

Here’s the results of my findings~

26 Ways Dancing can be Therapeutic:

  1. relieves stress
  2. decreases anxiety
  3. boosts self-esteem
  4. enhances mobility
  5. reduces depression
  6. improves flexibility
  7. increases your energy
  8. increases quality of life
  9. promotes finer memory
  10. gives you better balance
  11. increases physical fitness
  12. develops gross motor skills
  13. gives one the ability to cope
  14. makes your heart healthier
  15. benefits lasts for a long time
  16. sharpens muscle coordination
  17. supports satisfying body image
  18. having fun while making friends
  19. a vehicle for expressing emotions
  20. encourages creativity and imagination
  21. gives an opportunity for social interaction
  22. boosts and improves self-confidence & esteem 
  23. burns 200-350 calories an hour for weight control
  24. like other athletics, it’s an accepted form of exercise
  25. becomes a ritual or habit, more than any other type of exercise
  26. increases well-being, affecting your mood in a good or positive way

Do you practice some form of dance as exercise or profession? If so what type and how long have you been doing it? If you’re a dancer, you might enjoy my dance quotes!