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I thought I was finished.

I couldn’t stay away.

Fresh, white crisp pages began calling me to imprint unsharpened lead on it. Well not really – I used a computer.

I wrote something again.


The volcanic desire to share what I learned with you, just had to be birthed, organized, and decorated. I saw it clearly one day, or rather night.


It was about the Layers in Femininity.

I found three different categories of Femininity women were in and what each meant. I interpreted quickly the revelation I was given in less than 12 hours. It turned out to be 50% of the book. Then it doubled itself over the next several days.


As a Feminine Expressive Arts Consultant, I included a treat in this course for my readers. This book contains nine various expressive arts activities, that are not only extremely therapeutic, but help a woman identify, understand, and polish each stage of femininity. Here’s an excerpt of  what’s inside:

Have you ever bought anything that says 100% of the contents inside? Did you know if you put a little bit of something else with it, it’s no longer 100%? Even if you put a tiny bit of something, like .0005%, it’s still not purely 100%. Appropriately, that’s the same with femininity. There’s femininity and then there’s diluted versions of femininity.

Think of the well-known chemical formula of H2O, which represents Water. If you change the compound to HO2, you get Hydroperoxyl instead. If you switch around the same components, you get very different results. Changing the elements of femininity evolves into an anomaly, a deviation, a mutation and it’s not pure femininity.

Each level of femininity has its own ingredients. The purest and highest form of femininity is unmixed, unpolluted, and unchanged from its original form. It can be smelled, tasted, felt, heard, and seen. Masculine men can sense immediately and subconsciously, if a woman has feminine attributes or not, as well as which level of femininity she is in, even though he is not feminine. A truly feminine spirit can be sensed by anyone in the atmosphere whether they are feminine or not.. 

Get your copy today of over 100 pages about the levels of femininity! For more pleasure, Watch my trailer on it here! Which level are you on? This book also has a test to place you in your current level of femininity, as well as affirmations for each level of femininity. Read this book to continue elevating in your journey of femininity today!