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Every Feminine Woman should be dancing, love. It is our purest form of free movement and expression. What I mean by pure is that it will service all of you: your mind for coordination, your body for movement, your soul for style, and your spirit for energy, strength and endurance.

As we move, twirl, leap, and spin in space, more and more, we become perfected in our movements: more intentional, more beautiful, more free. It is a great activity to create a pattern of releasing your emotions, speaking your unique language, and birthing an enchanting atmosphere.

In your perfection, you might consider employing your style into a monetary gig or volunteer it to help others. As my choice of dance is Ancient Eastern Dance (bellydance), I wrote 9 things you can do with the dance style of your choice.



1. Share your art with others through teaching. Your students of choice, from grade school to private adults, are your discretion and aptitude.


2. Perform for your local venues and community. Many spacious places, I surmise, would be happy to host you and your group.


3. Educate others about dance. Because I teach private class, I am well-informed with the history (as well as the myths), complexity, and diversity of my art, ready to share if asked.


4. Judge at a talent show. If you become known in your talent, you may be requested to judge others in their dances.


5. Choreograph various routines for groups of dancers. There is a marketplace for choreographers, whether you are just assisting your home church or picked to design dances for a famous artist, your services will be appreciated.


6. Act in a movie as a dancer. Several scripts call for a dancer, whether supporting roles, main role, or background extra, so go to those casting calls!


7. Get featured as a Dance writer. If you understand the intricacies of dance movement, anatomy, and physics, you can write for dance magazines, start a column, author a book, or consult others in their writing of dance. 


8. Record others as a Dance Photographer or videographer. Knowing the way a type of dance flows and its patterns beforehand, you can catch on film some pretty cool angles or challenge them in print!


9. Create as a Dance costume designer. Into fashion? Know how to sew, measure, and make clothing patterns? Like to dance? Research the period or look you are going for and make something unique for dancers to wear.


10. ***BONUS*** Become a Dance Therapist. Complete courses to become licensed in dance therapy, but be forewarned, if you are looking for a career in performing, this is quite different. You will use focus on movements of the body with music, to help others heal mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Are you dancing and planning to make a career out of it?

If so, please share that with me, so I know I’m not alone in my passion for dance and my desire to educate others ♡.