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Suddenly, with some sort of unspoken, unplanned, and uncanny cadence, it is happening… I see people I never thought existed from my place of origin arising. Empathic, Highly Sensitive, Reserved but Secluded Warriors emerging now to say: I exist, I am unashamed of who I am, and this is what I need to survive. Their mantra is I will help you discover me…

lucas lima

I am not this way to be ‘discovered’, but that appears to be the movement of our culture. It almost seems in fashion today to say your special  because you’re empathic or ultra sensitive. But we are not everyone nor everywhere. Our percentage is small and those within us as Believers are even smaller, the Sacred Sensorials.

Here’s some good news about this tiny group: it can grow. And growth means more like us. More like us means we can be understood, communicate within our language, and feel at home, which is rare in the world.


The Sacred Sensorial. What is it? Who are we? How can we grow?

This is the term I use to describe a special phenomenon of creatures being made or revealed that I’m grateful to witness at this time. They are spiritual people, that truly seek, pray, and desire, the Beauty of God’s holiness. While in the process of becoming godly or god-like, they metamorphosis into empathic and highly sensitive natures.

God is empathic and extremely sensitive, or how else does He demonstrate countless movements of compassion toward us? And since we become who we are most around, if we spend a lot of time with God, won’t we become like him too?

renato albati

Whether the attribute comes before the action or the action before the attribute, I do not know, but in my case, I had the attribute before the action. I grew up in my teens a highly sensitive child, then became empathic in my twenties, way before I sought a closer marital relationship with Christ.

Then He showed me. Later. Much later. After being committed to Him for a long time, He exposed to me how the attributes of those labelled personalities can be repurposed for Him. Rather, they were initially purposed for Him, but others have misinterpreted its purpose and just try to live in peace with it. But it is actually a calling from God to minister His Divine assignments and messages to others. How many empaths know this? How many are not using their gift to the full capacity it was created for, but instead just shield themselves in ways to cope?

saeed khosravi

Coping is necessary! We need to be our best, and we are this, when we are balanced and harmonized from within to without, but we weren’t given this gift to cope and recharge, and rejuvenate only. We are supposed to lead others in unknown things in the spiritual realm because God entrusted those things to us. The Group with the group.

Anyone desiring to become a Sacred Sensorial can become one. the action before the attributes will be accepted of God too. He will grant any prayer that’s according to HIs will and desires to serve Him. He will bestow it upon you as a result of extreme intimacy with God.

renato abati

Are you interested in learning more? How our methods of living, dealing, and flourishing differ from the usual advice for empaths or highly sensitives? Comment below! If so, I will share more about this, how to cultivate it, how to live in it, how to have fun, and practice serene ways to develop who you are, etc. in either a later post, or a video, but definitely in my next book! If you need guidance on closer spirituality with God to position yourself to advance in Sensorial Sacredness, read my latest book on distinctions here.

Tell me, do you consider yourself a growing Sacred Sensorial?