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Please tell me I’m not alone. If I am I need help. If I’m not, I need to find a community…

I have this thing, this thing where I see others on the height in their passions:


1. Dancing on stage after rehearsals of perfecting

2. Speaking another language after months of practice

3. Coaching the youth for inspiration after years of polishing


And because it looks so flawless and effortless…and the people are so passionate and motivated…and I’m drawn to difference and distinction, I too desire to do what they’re doing! I want to become it too!


Its springs up in me to seek it, learn it, and be it, but when it doesn’t come out as pretty or perfect or polished as theirs, I start wondering….


I think~

I think~

I think I was attracted to their passion and I thought it was their art. God help me!

Am I alone?