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Are you a creative writer?
Maybe you like to do journal writing?
Do you want to polish your femininity?
Whether you are writing about one or are one, here’s a book to assist you in exploring the feminine character ♡
Inside are prompts to ignite your creativity, practice your girly-ness, & flow in unexpected moments of life.
Bonus: For instance, you are in a house facing a grand staircase. A man approaches you and instructs: “You may climb the stairs, but once at the top it leads to 5 different halls. One is feminist, the other slightly feminist, another feminine, the other slightly feminine, and the last half feminist / half feminine.” You climb the stairs. Which hall do you pick and why? Where does your hall lead to or what is at the end of your hall?
More girly and feminine-centered prompts inside of 88 Writer Prompts for the Feminine Character along with helpful images for your imagination!
It’s on pre-sale, so reserve your copy today because it won’t be for long. You can get half off here! 
I’d love to hear feedback from you! Please comment below your answer to this prompt 💋 and let me know if you want to hear mine as well 🙂