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About 15.03 million American women were single in 2018. And only a third of them desired to get married, according to statista.com. And….I used to be one of them. Single & desiring marriages, I mean. Until I met my husband.

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Years ago, I was wondering why I wasn’t connecting with the man of my dreams. I started to do all kinds of work on my life: you know what they say ‘Change your reaction, Change your attraction’. Or maybe that was me, but anyway, I knew the more I improved myself, the better chances I have to meeting my man!

I started studying the four most prominent and unforgettable women that married the most influential, wealthy, and admirable men of their time. I wrote all my findings in a book here. Those women were – Abigail, Rebekkah, Esther, & Ruth.

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I emulated the patterns I saw in their lives as well as their interactions with both men and women. And I found their  timeless advice to prove sounder than any of today’s relationship coaches.

Things considered counterintuitive, self-sacrificing, & too old fashioned is exactly what I did. Want a seek peek? Listen to my podcast on the topic here.

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That’s when I met my husband, whom is the man of my dreams, and got married. My story has been shared at our wedding.

Are you looking for Him now? Please let me know in the comments below and what city you’re in and how long you’ve been dating.

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Be encouraged, dear seeker, if you follow the untraditional counsel I discovered, you just might find the One.