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I had a close friend of mine reference my special time of the month as ‘icky’. Fortunately for me, I don’t see nor experience it that way. I may be one in 3 billion women in this earth, ok 3.838 billion to be exact, at the moment I wrote this, covering 49.6% of the humans on the planet, but as a feminine woman, I don’t actually feel any negative emotions about my menstrual cycle at all. Some women get all worked up about the consequences of Eve’s actions, but no woman can say for certainty that she would not have done the same thing.


But that’s another post..

Anyway, back to the monthly cycle, period, or the ‘time of visitation‘ as we call it in my family. We’ve always warned each other that ‘our visitor is here‘ when referring to our periods.


I may be one of the few that feel this way but I would also challenge you to reconsider your menstrual. Having your cycle is actually very symbolic. God always works good out of evil, doesn’t He? So it should no longer be looked at as a curse of Eve, but a blessing for women.

Your cycle is a period of rest, renewal, and release. Let me explain more…


REST. what female doesn’t like another excuse to rest? Due to one fact: often, we do a lot. I mean a lot. I won’t exhaust you with a long list of just surface things we take care of. but if you’re a female, you know. And we usually put others before ourselves, which means we may not have scheduled time for ourselves. Our period gives us an immediate pass to relax and focus on ourselves, that we may be at our best for others and ourselves.

RENEWAL. a predetermined cycle that restarts every 30 or so days, neatly fitting into each month, gives us an opportunity to renewal ourselves. Just as the moon has a 30 day phase of fully appearing and disappearing symbolizing rebirth, the woman is comparable. You have your preference on how you want to spend your time being restored and revived, but as a feminine woman, I choose to transform to unchartered areas of my life towards feminine excellence.

RELEASE. as the blood flows from our inner most private and sacred part of our nature, it’s a signal to allow any part of ourselves that we no longer desire to keep, currently have no need of, or want to disassociate from, to go. We willing let it part from our souls, spirits, and bodies. We feel lighter. Only retaining what we desire, need, and want in our lives. This helps us grow and evolve, while experiencing a fuller life of our true selves.

Will you welcome your special time each month, as a designated divine time for your flourishing?


Here is a video of “8 Things to do When You’re on IT” and need relief & comfort. let me know your thoughts and what you do when you’re on your period.

Pics from Pixabay!

Rather read the list? See below!

What do you do when you’re on your period?


8 Things to do when You’re on IT

1. Rub a blend of essential oils that targets female hormonal balance for women onto my belly.

2. Drink Raspberry Tea. It’s known for being good to induce or regulate your period.

3.  Watching an emotionally charged movie. This is excellent for releasing emotions that are usually generated during this time that may be felt deeply and intensely.  Recently, I watched a 1979 Aramaic film of Jesus and was crying when they took him!

4. Rest. Laying down in the bed under the comfort of warm and security is a great  rejuvenator during  this time.

5. Read or listen to a love story. What a great way to liberate your passions!

6. Journal.  It’s so much easier when your body slows you down for you to think about things you want to express on paper then when you’re in a flurry of things appear “normal”.

7. Search for pins for your Pinterest board.  It was amazing that I have never understood the hype around smoothie bowls! I know it’s been around for 10 years with the birthing out the Acai bowl, but I just preferred sipping my smoothies rather than eating them. But the last time I was on my period, I got a craving for a cool dessert with a snack twist to it. I looked on Pinterest and found smoothie bowls and fell in love. Nine years later I finally embraced the trend. But this is what my first one looked like on that day of my period:

8. Take a walk in nature. Just walking my dog or digging my feet in the wet sand, puts my spirit and soul in the perspective of a world outside of what’s happening within mine. Breathing fresh air re-grounds me to my connection on this earth, as opposed to being enclosed with the thousand rapid dynamic changes are occurring within my body and soul.

*disclaimer: I’m not prescribing treatment as a doctor would. I’m only sharing what I do on my period.